Christmas Advice

As the nights get darker, there is an increased risk of burglary when many homes will look obviously unoccupied. This can make your property more attractive to a potential burglar who would not like to be seen or discovered.

Use light timer switches, to make your home look occupied as it starts to get dark from about 3pm/3:30pm. even just leaving some lights switched on will be beneficial. Think of rooms you would naturally be in such as a living room or kitchen. Leave a radio on a talk station, and make sure that all the windows, doors and side gates are secure.  There have been some recent burglaries where intruders have got in due to an insecurity.

Any window that opens with a gap of 11 inches or 24 cm should be locked and secured.  Don’t leave keys in locks as this will make it easier for a potential intruder to gain access.  Think about external lights also, ideally dusk to dawn lighting at the front of your property, and movement sensitive at the rear. If you have an alarm, make sure it is set.

Don’t leave all your curtains drawn if you are going away, it will make your home look unoccupied. If you can, make arrangements for a friend or neighbour to check on your home while you are away, they can collect your post and move it from the doormat so it’s not in obvious large pile. Don’t discuss your travel plans on social networking sites, wait until you get back.

For more information and advice visit our website and search under ‘B’ for burglary.

Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in your street and report details to us.

Christmas burglary advice

  • The Christmas period often sees an increase in burglaries with more valuable items than ever in the home.
  • Doors and windows should be kept shut and locked.
  • Tempting gift-wrapped presents should not be left on show.
  • In the evening, houses should look “occupied” with lights on and curtains/ blinds closed.
  • Presents should be removed overnight from vehicles. If possible, they should be kept indoors and out of sight.
  • Residents should keep an eye out for any elderly or vulnerable neighbours and encourage them to follow these tips.
  • Empty boxes, which could advertise the Christmas goodies inside the house, should not be left outside on view.
  • Once Christmas gifts are unwrapped, they can be registered for free on the Immobilise database.
  • Immobilise is a free property registration system which allows lost or stolen goods to be identified and returned to the owner