NHW Graveley – Theft from Garage

NHW Alert – Daytime theft – Graveley – 11th January 2019

I received an email yesterday afternoon from Mike Biss of 1 Fieldings Place detailing a theft from their garage last Friday afternoon (11th January).

3 items stolen:-

Suzuki Outboard Motor DP2.5 Black.  14Kg

Leisure 12v 110Ah Battery Numax CXV31MF black. 24Kg

Ecosmo Folding Bike 20″ wheels, white frame, black handlebars, luggage rack and saddle, aluminium mudguards. 15Kg

Mike writes:

I had raised the roller door about 1m from the ground to admit more light into the garage whilst I was popping in and out to collect tools materials etc for the job I was doing inside the house. I did not notice the theft until I was putting everything away about 6pm.  These items are heavy, very awkward to carry and have a combined weight of circa 53Kg so a vehicle must have been involved in or near Fieldings Place. Many other items of higher value were not touched.

I’m sure that Mike is not alone in leaving a garage door open when undertaking household maintenance; a salutary lesson for those living in view of a public road to keep garage doors and sheds closed to reduce the risk of falling victim to opportunistic scrotes!

If any villagers noted any suspicious activity between midday and 6pm Friday afternoon please contact Mike and Katie Biss at 1 Fieldings Place, Graveley or if prefered contact the police directly by calling 101 and quoting the crime no 35/2647/19.

If any resident’s are member’s of other surrounding village Facebook groups (Eltisely, Offord, Papworth St Agnes, Toseland, Yelling etc) would you please re-post.

Many Thanks

Chris Bentley

NHW coordinator

NHW Graveley – Theft from a motor vehicle

In recent days there appears to have been a spate of crimes carried out in nearby villages.  I outline below relevant reports from several recent NHW alerts. 

Please remove valuables from your vehicles and keep them secure.  This recent spate appears to be targetting vans. The Eltisely report references that the offenders made off in a (old style) silver Astra Van.  Should you see a vehicle matching this description if you are able, please make a note of the vehicle registration number, time, occupant descriptions and direction of travel and report immidiately to the police by dialling 101.  

Cottage Green, Papworth Everard

14/11/2018 20:00hrs – 15/11/2018 06:55hrs

A white Citroen Berlingo van has had its side window smashed. Entry was gained and hand tools stolen.

Crime Ref 35/45097/18


Main Road, Little Gransden

14/11/2018 18:15hrs – 15/11/2018 06:45hrs

A small window on a driver’s door to a vehicle has been smashed (make and model of vehicle not provided). The vehicle was not entered and nothing is believed to be stolen.

Crime Ref 35/45126/18


Primrose Hill, Little Gransden


At the approximate time of 21:20hrs a white Citroen Berlingo van had its nearside quarter light broken.

Crime Ref 35/45051/18


Cherry Court, Lower Cambourne

14/11/2018 22:30hrs and 23:00hrs

An unknown suspect has smashed a driver’s side window to a white Citroen Berlingo van. Entry was gained and all the doors were left open however, nothing is believed to have been stolen.

Crime Ref 35/45063/18


Papworth Everard

12/11/2018 18:30 to 12/11/2018 21:30.

Unknown person has broken the quarter light and gained entry to a vehicle. Crime Ref: 35/44561/18.


Greenfields, Eltisley, St. Neots

12/11/2018 20:30

Attempted theft from a motor vehicle. Whilst at home the victim saw two males on his property with balaclavas breaking into his van, he gave chase and they got in to a silver Vauxhall Astra (old style) and make off. There was a third person in the Astra. Crime Ref: 35/44577/18.

Thank you for your attention


Chris Bentley



PCSO’s Update

Huntingdon Road, Wyton – Police received a call reporting that a car had crashed into a parked car on Huntingdon Road, Wyton, in the early hours of Friday morning, 30th March, and the driver had walked off leaving his damaged vehicle obstructing the road. Police arranged for recovery services to tow the car away whilst attempts were made to contact the registered owner. A police helicopter was called in to try to locate him, but no trace could be found. (Ref CC-30032018-0037)

Banks End, Wyton – Police are investigating a break-in and burglary at a flat in a block at Banks End, Wyton, that happened in the early hours of Tuesday 3rd April. Thieves entered via a first-floor window, carried out a search of the premises and then left having stolen a quantity of cash. (Ref CF0173980418)

Date Occurred: 03/04/2018 at 01:30 and 04/04/2018 at 06:00

Location: Water Lane, Oakington and Weswick

Description: Unknown offender/s have forced entry in a garage and taken various items from within.  

Date Occurred: 01/08/2017 09:00 – 02/04/2018 19:00

Location: Villa Road, Impington

Description: A VIN number and suspension has been stolen from a horse trailer.


Date Occurred: 31/03/2018 19:00 – 03/04/2018 09:00

Location: Mill Road, Fen Drayton,

Description: A tractor has been stolen from a farm on Mill Road. There were marks left on the ground to suggest this has been pulled by another vehicle.


Date Occurred: 03/04/2018 09:00 – 03/04/2018 12:00

Location: Station Road, Waterbeach

Description: A locked Daywes Carnaby pedal cycle has been stolen from the train station in Waterbeach.

To see details of Policing Summaries for neighbouring areas, please click on the following link and scroll down the page to select areas of interest:


As always, if you have information relating to any offence, or are concerned about any suspicious activities, please contact police by using any of these methods:

  • the ‘101’ non-emergency telephone number;
  • the on-line web-chat tool on the new Cambridgeshire Constabulary web-site – click on the green icon;
  • Alternatively, you can use ‘Crimestoppers’ to make a report anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or by using their on-line contact form.

In an emergency, or if you witness a crime in progress, always use ‘999’.

PCSO’s Update



Between Tuesday 26th at 23:00 and Wednesday 27th at 06:00 a padlock leading to a workshop in Dial Close, Little Paxton has been damaged. No entry was gained to the workshop or the property.


Should you have any information with regards to the incidents above please call 101, extension 8624. To provide information about crime anonymously to the police, please call Crimestoppers, an independent charity, on 0800 555 111.

Theft of Tools

Unfortunately, this area has seen a recent increase in thefts of tools from vehicles.  This is a crime that could easily be prevented or reduced, so please take time to read and consider the following crime prevention measures when leaving your vehicle unattended:

  • If you have a garage that can accommodate your vehicle, please use it!
  • If you do not have access to a garage try and park it as near to your property as possible and/or in a well lit area.
  • If your vehicle doesn’t have a factory alarm fitted, consider fitting an alarm but check with your Insurance Company first to determine what specifications they recommend?
  • Where possible, try and remove all items from your vehicle when parked overnight.  If this is not practical or possible, consider storing them inside lockable cabinets that can be secured to the side panels or floor of the vehicle.  Alternatively and where possible, consider chaining tools and items together to make it harder for them to be moved and carried away.
  • Consider ‘marking’ all tools and power tools with a property marking kit such as a DNA type Kit.  Alternatively consider the use of more visible markings achieved by the use of Engraving/Etching Kits or similar.
  • Register all items that carry a serial number on the national ‘Immobilise’ database.  This free of charge facility is available by logging onto – www.immobilse.com
  • Please remember that some insurance companies will not recompense you for items stolen from inside your vehicle, so check your insurance policy carefully to see what your cover includes.


Scam Alert

As we have previously reported, we continue to receive reports of incidents where fraudsters are phoning people pretending to be police officers & bank staff. They will try to convince their victim to give their bank details or withdraw large amounts of cash. This is a scam!

The police, banks and building societies will never ask you to do this. If you ever have doubts about someone phoning you, hang up, wait at least 5 minutes to ensure the line has been terminated and call the company back on an official number (check your bank card or a statement), never call the number the fraudster gives you.

Further advice can be found at www.actionfraud.police.uk

To report fraud – call 999 if its happening now, or 101 if it’s already happened.

PCSO’s Update

Grove End, Hilton – Police were called to a disturbance outside the Village Hall at Grove End, Hilton, late on Saturday evening, 24th March, following a report of a large number of young people milling around, breaking bottles and banging on windows. When officers arrived the group was dispersing, but one police car was damaged when bottles were thrown at it. (Ref CC-24032018-0475) 

St Ives Road, Houghton – The side window of a car parked at a sports field near St Ives Road, Houghton, was smashed, reportedly by a group of young people, at around 9:30 pm on Monday evening, 26th March. (Ref CF0162170318) 

A1123 Wyton – Police received calls reporting an elderly man walking along the A1123 at Wyton at around midday on Wednesday 21st March. The man was dressed in black and appeared to be unaware of his surroundings and possibly at risk. A police patrol was dispatched to search the area but was unable to find anyone matching the description. (Ref CC-21032018-0161) However, more calls were received later in the day, reporting a man of the same description seen walking along the A14 in the dark near The Hemingfords. A police patrol found the man at Godmanchester and took him to safety at Huntingdon. (Ref CC-21032018-0435) 

To see details of Policing Summaries for neighbouring areas, please click on the following link and scroll down the page to select areas of interest:


As always, if you have information relating to any offence, or are concerned about any suspicious activities, please contact police by using any of these methods:

  •   the ‘101’ non-emergency telephone number;
  • the on-line web-chat tool on the new Cambridgeshire Constabulary web-site – click on the green icon;
  • Alternatively, you can use ‘Crimestoppers’ to make a report anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or by using their on-line contact form.

In an emergency, or if you witness a crime in progress, always use ‘999’.

PCSO’s Update

Date Occurred: 24/03/2018 at 10:00 and 26/03/2018 at 10:00

Location: Station Road, Willingham

Description: Unknown offender/s have broken into a barn and completed a search, unknown if anything has been taken.

In Godmanchester:

12.03.2018  –  Rushes Walk Unknown offender(s) have attempted to gain entry to a flat by trying to prise open a window with a screwdriver.   No entry was gained.

20.03.2018  –  Bascroft Way Unknown offender(s) have stolen front and rear index plates from a vehicle.

22.03.2018  –  London Road Unknown offender(s) have stolen a vehicle whilst it was parked on the road.

As always, if you have information relating to any offence, or are concerned about any suspicious activities, please contact the Police by using the 101 telephone number.  Alternatively you can use ‘Crimestoppers’ to make a report anonymously by calling  0800 555 111 or by using their on-line

Contact form.  In an emergency, or if you witness a crime in progress, always use 999.

PCSO’s Update

Date Occurred: 20/03/2018 15:30 – 21/03/2018 07:45 Location: Cow Fen Drove, Swavesey Description: 8 batteries have been stolen from an electric fence.

CF0152410318 – CRIMINAL DAMAGE Date occurred: 21/03/2018 18:00 – 22/03/2018 07:30

Location: Water Lane, Impington Description: A brick was thrown at the windscreen of a parked car, no entry was gained and nothing was taken.


CF0152430318 – CRIMINAL DAMAGE Date occurred: 21/03/2018 17:00 Location: Village Hall, Cootes Lane, Fen Drayton Description: Damage was caused to the tiles on the roof of the village hall by persons that have climbed on the roof. 


CF0152690318 – THEFT Date occurred: 22/02/2018 10:00 Location: Magdalene Close, Longstanton Description: Front and rear vehicle index plates unscrewed and stolen from a blue Ford Focus. 


CF0153950318 – THEFT Date occurred: 22/03/2018 16:30 – 18:00 Location: Ely Road, Milton    

Description: Vehicle parked on Ely Road, passenger window was smashed and items were stolen. 


CF0154240318 – THEFT Date occurred: 22/03/2018 16:45 – 20:30 Location: Premier Inn, Ring Fort Road, Orchard Park Description: Two suspects wearing balaclavas forced open the driver’s side door to a ford transit van and stole tools from within.  


CF0155630318 – BURGLARY Date occurred: 23/03/2018 14:10 – 14:24 Location: Knights Way, Milton Description: A man was seen going to the rear of a house and coming out 10 minutes later putting gloves into his pocket. Entry was gained to the house and the shed however it appears nothing was taken. The man was described as white male, aged 20 – 40 years, wearing a grey Jumper, grey Bucket hat and a long sleeved top.


CF0156030318 – CRIMINAL DAMAGE Date occurred: 23/03/2018 15:10 Location: Footbridge over the A14, Milton Description: A person described as a youth has thrown an item off the footbridge causing damage to the windscreen of a car.

CF0157640318 – THEFT Date occurred: 21/03/2018 16:00 – 24/03/2018 18:45 Location: Sturmer Close, Impington Description: Front and rear index plates unscrewed and stolen from a blue Nissan Note.

CF0158280318 – BURGLARY Date occurred: 24/03/2018 21:00 – 25/03/2018 07:00 Location: Green End, Landbeach Description: Grain store entered – quad bike, frozen meats, tools and tractor batteries stolen from within.  

If you have any information which may assist with the investigation into this crime then please call 101, reply to this message or call crime stoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.

Door-step selling

Following some complaints regarding door-step selling and rogue traders from the local community, Police and Trading Standards are highlighting the tactics that some traders may employ, and useful tips to protect householders from rogue traders or other uninvited persons calling at their home.

Selling door to door is not generally illegal but when customers fall prey to high-pressure selling tactics or doorstep callers problems can occur. Recent incidents serve as an excellent way of reminding people of how best to deal with traders who come to the door.

Please note there have been some reported incidents of people calling at homes selling paintings, and claiming to be deaf these door step sellers may be genuine but you should always be cautious.

Distraction burglaries are a particularly nasty crime targeting the most vulnerable people in society.

Trading Standards suggests the following ‘Top Tips’ when a doorstep trader or other uninvited person comes to your home:

  • Don’t believe all callers are genuine.
  • Don’t believe the ‘scare stories’ a salesman may tell you – they are rarely true.
  • Don’t believe genuine tarmac companies have loads over – they don’t!
  • Don’t sign anything or pay for anything until you are sure about it.
  • Don’t believe special deals, ‘today only’ – it’s high pressure selling.
  • Don’t allow strangers to have access to your property – “I need to check your taps/ water pipe” is a common trick that can lead to a distraction burglary.

Other reports have included people selling household items door to door, using hard luck stories or intimidation to get a sale. Often the items are overpriced and could be easily obtained elsewhere.

Victims of distraction burglaries should contact the Police immediately.

If someone you are not expecting calls at your home:

Not Sure Don’t Open the Door 

Keep your door shut and locked until you have checked the caller is genuine.

Do check the identity of the caller by asking to see an ID card.

Do challenge anyone looking over your property – did you give permission?

Consider if you really need the work done. Think before you decide. Shop around for the best deal.

Do ask the caller to leave you with information to study at your leisure.

Do remember you should be given a right to cancel a contract after cold calling.

If you need reliable a trader, use the Buy With Confidence scheme

www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk or Tel: 08454 040506 this is an approved Trader Scheme, set up by Trading Standards and supported by the Office of Fair Trading.  These traders operate legally and provide a good customer service.

Always remember

  • You do not have to open the door if you are at all uneasy.
  • Ring 999 if you feel threatened or are harassed by someone.
  • Lock all windows and doors (Don’t let criminals think they can just walk in)
  • Do not leave handbags or wallets on show (keep them in safe place out of sight).  Large amounts of cash should be placed in a bank or post office for safe keeping.
  • Use timer switches and low energy bulbs when you go out in the evenings to give the impression that you are at home.

Please look out for vulnerable residents in your community, and report any suspicious activity. 999 for emergencies and 101 general enquiries.
You can also report anonymously via Crimestoppers 0800 555 111