PCSO’s Update

Meadow Close, Hemingford Grey – Thieves broke into and burgled a house on Meadow Close, Hemingford Grey, at some time between Saturday 25th and Tuesday 28th November, whilst the owners were absent. Intruders broke into the house by smashing the glass in a side window then reaching through to undo the latch. Once inside they appear to have searched for jewellery before leaving via rear patio doors. Police have carried out house-to-house enquiries at neighbouring properties and investigations are continuing. (Ref CF0690101117)

A14 Westbound, Hemingford Abbots – Thieves cut through the side-curtain of a lorry trailer whilst it was parked in a lay-by near the Hemingford Abbots turn-off on the A14 in the early hours of Friday 1st December, whilst the driver was asleep in the cab. They managed to steal an unknown quantity of goods from inside and made their escape undetected, leaving boxes and packaging scattered around on the flooring. (Ref CF0695391217)

Rutland Green, Hilton – A house at Rutland Green, Hilton, was broken into and burgled at some time between Friday afternoon, 1st, and Saturday evening, 2nd December, whilst the owners were absent. The thieves broke in by forcing a side door, then carried out a messy search of downstairs rooms and upstairs bedrooms, before leaving with some items of jewellery and a quantity of foreign currency. Police have visited neighbouring houses to make enquiries and give reassurance, and are looking into reports of suspicious vans seen cruising the area in recent days, as well as examining CCTV footage. (Ref CF0699131217)

Tern Drive, St Ives – Police are investigating an attempted break-in at a house on Turn Drive, St Ives, that happened at some time during the evening of Saturday 2nd December, whilst the owners were out. The intruders forced open a gate to enter the back garden, then attempted to prise open rear patio doors. When this was unsuccessful, they threw a terracotta plant pot at the glass, smashing the outer pane but leaving the inner pane intact. Police have carried out enquiries with neighbours and have been told of two males seen running away from the house. (Ref CF0699241217)

Moats Way, Hemingford Abbots – An intruder cut through a padlock on a gate at the entrance to farm buildings on Moats Way, Hemingford Abbots, entered a barn and stole a digital radio, at sometime between Saturday morning, 2nd, and Sunday morning, 3rd December. (Ref CF0699721217)

Long lane, Hemingford Grey – Intruders broke into a barn on Long Lane, Hemingford Grey, overnight on Saturday 2nd / Sunday 3rd December and stole a ride-on mower and other items. Few details are available at the moment but investigations into the theft have begun. (Ref CF0701871217)

CF0704581217 04/12/2017 16:40 – 05/12/2017 08:00 A14, Boxworth, Cambridge. Theft, jet wash engine taken.

CF0704711217 03/12/2017 18:00 – 05/12/2017 17:37 Cossington Close, Cottenham. Theft from a motor vehicle, front and rear number plates taken.

CF0704971217 05/12/2017 17:28 – 05/12/2017 19:00 A14 Westbound On Slip From Bar, Bar Hill.Theft, generator taken.

CF0705031217 25/11/2017 10:00 – 05/12/2017 18:00 Setchel Drove, Cottenham. Theft from a motor vehicle.

CF0705551217 05/12/2017 20:30 – 06/12/2017 07:20 Cody Road, Waterbeach. Theft from a motor vehicle, ladders taken from the roof of a van.

And Finally … Christmas Crime Prevention Advice
In the light of the several burglaries reported in this locality and around the wider district this week, police at Huntingdon Headquarters have issued the following warning about burglaries at Christmas:

“This time of year, police traditionally see an increase in burglary and unfortunately, this year is no different.

So far this month, we have already received 6 reports of residential burglary in our area…

All of these offences are being investigated by detectives based in our burglary team at Huntingdon. We are appealing to the public to report any suspicious people or vehicles seen paying undue attention to people’s homes.”

Specific advice about things you can do to help avoid becoming a victim of burglary are on the new police web-site at https://www.cambs.police.uk/A-Z/Burglary.aspx .

To see details of Policing Summaries for neighbouring areas, please click on the following link and scroll down the page to select areas of interest:


As always, if you have information relating to any offence, or are concerned about any suspicious activities, please contact police by using the ‘101’ telephone number. Alternatively, you can use ‘Crimestoppers’ to make a report anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or by using their on-line contact form. In an emergency, or if you witness a crime in progress, always use ‘999’.