Graveley Great British Spring Clean

Graveley Parish Council are organising a village litter pick on Bank Holiday Monday 31st May as part of the national initiative “Great British Spring Clean 2021.”
If you fancy taking part, please pop along to the village hall from 10am where you will be presented with all the equipment you could possibly need (high vis, litter picker and a bag to collect rubbish). If you have your own gloves though, please bring them along.
Hope to see you then!
From the 17th May, in line with the next step (step 3) of the government’s roadmapout of lockdown, outdoor gatherings of up to 30 people will be permitted. We are therefore supportive of litter picking activity to take place in groups of up to 30 people from this date. The existing hygiene and social distancing measures should continue to be followed. If you have any coronavirus symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has had symptoms please follow government guidelines, stay at home and don’t undertake any volunteering activity.  Organised by Graveley Parish Council in Accordance with guidance from Keep Britain Tidy and UK Gov. Covid-19 Response Spring 2021


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graveley litter pick poster 31 05 21 Download: graveley litter pick poster 31 05 21 (308 KB)

graveley litter pick poster 31 05 21

Green Bin Collections

Dear Residents,

This is an update regarding the re-introduction of the green bin service from 4 May 2020. Please find attached a link to our press release which has just been published, it describes the details.
There is also a link attached to our FAQ page which provides more details

Press release:

FAQ pages:

Village Pharmacy Box

Dear all
We are emailing to let you know of a new initiative in Graveley. A Graveley Village Pharmacy box is being set up to help with collecting prescriptions. A similar scheme has been running for some years in Eltisley and it was felt in the current climate of social isolation and distancing due the Covid 19 and with a high level demand being place on Papworth Pharmacy that this would be a useful service to the village.

How the Scheme will work

· Once a week on a Wednesday a volunteer will go to Papworth Surgery and collect prescriptions that are in the Graveley village pharmacy box and they will be delivered to your home address.

· In terms of delivery please note the following:
· Medication will only be delivered to the named recipient or adult family member
· If no one is in the medication won’t be posted through your letter box but a note would be left for you to call the volunteer to rearrange delivery
· Social distancing will be observed!

· In order to take part in this scheme you will need to order your repeat prescription through to Papworth Pharmacy by the Wednesday before you require your prescription (as at the moment the pharmacy requires at least 7 days notice) and you need to state that you would like your prescription to go into the Graveley Village box. Without stating this the prescription will be held at the pharmacy as normal until you collect it.

· Initially this scheme will run for Graveley residents who are recognised by the NHS as being eligible for FREE prescriptions or those who have a pre payment certificate. This is to negate the need for any monetary transfer by the volunteer. For more information about free prescriptions please see . So for example this would include the following people:
· those over 60 years of age
· those under 16 years of age
· those with a medical exemption certificate
· those with a pre payment certificate

· We hope to make the first Graveley Village box collection on Wednesday 8th April. This means you need to order your repeat prescription by Wednesday 1st April remembering to state that you would like it to go in the Graveley Village Box.

Best wishes
Jo George
Graveley Village Pharmacy Box volunteer
Mobile 07840 540271

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Graveley Resident,

A Coronavirus Support group of 14 has been assembled and will provide point
of contact for all residents within Graveley. There are 95 householders
within the village.

Volunteers have been assigned a cluster of households to provide a point of
contact & support during this time. I’m sure a good proportion of residents
that are in self-isolation will have already made provision outside of this
arrangement but for those that haven’t, volunteers will aim to provide
assistance to those in self isolation or quarantine during this period,
referring onto other members of the support group as and when required.

Should volunteers become infected and find themselves having to quarantine
then they will step down from the group. It is hoped that new volunteers
will come forward to take their place. Where this arises those householders
that have lost their volunteer will be re-issued with a new point of

Residents are to receive two leaflets.

* Isolation support form, which details support volunteer name,
address and telephone number

* Three Horseshoes take away menu and provisioning service

Please keep these safe as we will not be making multiple repeat drops. You
may not need the information currently but should you need to fall back on
the village for support please get in contact with your volunteer.

Self-Isolating/Quarantining householders:

* When requesting food shopping residents are politely requested to
keep their shopping list simple & reasonable.

* Please try to work with the volunteer as to their preferred
supermarket for convenience and to minimise their risk of infection by
visiting multiple stores.

* Please advise your volunteer the method of payment in advance and
settle after delivery quickly.

* Payment by bank transfer is preferred, cash is acceptable but
please observe social distancing at all times.

* Handing off of shopping will be to the doorstep only and not face
to face.

* New shopping bags should be added to the shop on each occasion (do
not ask volunteers to re-use bags).


If repeat medical prescriptions are required householders will need to
complete the prescription collection slip nominating their volunteer by
agreement, with the volunteer requiring ID to collect (for controlled


As the rate of infection climbs it is inevitable that volunteers may drop
out for a period of not less than 14 days. New volunteers will be welcome
especially those that have quarantined and are considered immune to further
infection. Please contact me directly or your nominated volunteer if you are
able to provide support as described. We will need it, so please come
forward if you’re fit and comfortably under the age of 70.

The underlying basis of the support group is to:

* Slow the rate of infection so that our health service is not

* Provide essential supplies to residents in self
isolation/quarantine so that they do not put themselves or others at risk of
infection by breaking quarantine.

Keith McConnell (Graveley PC) will post details of the village support group
to the village website shortly.

A HUGE Thank You!

Firstly to those in the community who are self-isolating over the next 12
weeks. This is no mean feat. We are indebted to you.

Secondly, to the first wave of volunteers that are running towards the
problem and not away from it. You are very much appreciated.

Graveley is a wonderful community, we will work together to overcome this
existential crisis with kindness, consideration, communication and planning.

If anyone is unable to contact their volunteer or wants to be added as a volunteer in case some are forced into self isolation then you should call Chris Bentley on 07809 076248

Graveley Parish Council

Public Notice

Please find for your information a recent public consultation notice regarding the Greater Cambridge Local Plan. Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council are preparing a joint Local Plan for their combined districts (Greater Cambridge).
The Councils are inviting comments on an Issues and Options Report and accompanying Initial Sustainability Appraisal. This is part of its Regulation 18 Consultation under the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.

Thank you

Graveley Parish Council


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Download: Public Notice I&O Jan 2020 (1) (158 KB)

Fireworks Night

We are entering that time of year again in Graveley, please be considerate to other villagers with pets and livestock/ponies/horses, who would like to know in advance if there will be fireworks nearby so they can take steps to safeguard their animals.

If you are having fireworks it would be good if you could let anyone that you think might be affected know if you have not already done so.

There are also a few thatched cottages in the village so please be mindful when setting off fireworks in particular rockets too close as this may not be ideal and often these properties have clauses in there insurance against bonfires within 100 meters of these properties.

Thank you

Operation London Bridge – Death of Senior National Figure

You may have heard in the press regarding operation London Bridge – This is to mark the death of a Senior National Figure which could include the following Figures:-

Members of the Royal Family
P.M. or Former P.M.
Serving MP
Mayor / Council Leader
Other Prominent Person

We are given guidance of the processes to follow and action steps to take. Graveley would implement the below actions / protocol  to mark the death of a Senior National Figure:-

  • Follow the national timetable that will be communicated
  • Communicate with the local clergy & what is planned across the Diocese
  • Fly the Union Jack at half mast located at the Three Horseshoes, returning to full fly for proclamation
  • Update the homepage of our website
  • Any scheduled meetings of the Parish to be cancelled

Kind regards

Annual Parish Meeting

Cancelled – Please note the annual Parish meeting has been cancelled until further notice!


Bonfires and Barbecues

Dear All,

As we enter the summer months in Graveley, please be considerate to your neighbours when having a bonfire or barbecue, also be aware of the safety risks associated to this by surrounding buildings and thatched cottages in the village, below are some guidelines to follow:-

Bonfires and barbecues
Garden bonfires are usually lit to dispose of garden waste but always create smoke which adds to air pollution, particularly at a local level, and which will contribute to the general background level. Bonfire smoke can cause problems for asthmatics, bronchitis sufferers, and people with heart conditions, and frequently cause a nuisance to neighbours by preventing them from enjoying their gardens, opening windows or hanging washing out. Any bonfire is a potential safety risk and can spread to fences or garden buildings, and piles of garden waste are often used as a refuge by animals, especially hedgehogs. It is not always necessary to light a bonfire, and garden waste can be disposed of in various other ways.

Bonfire guidelines
If a bonfire is the only practicable option for disposing of garden waste, please follow these guidelines to avoid causing nuisance:
only burn dry material and never burn household rubbish, rubber tyres, or anything containing plastic, foam or paint
don’t use old engine oil, meths or petrol to light the fire. Choose a day when the wind will disperse the smoke quickly, but not blow it into your neighbour’s garden – check the weather forecast.
See also published by GOV.UK

Barbecues can easily cause annoyance through smoke and cooking smells so think of your neighbours:
Tell your neighbours about the barbecue, or invite them
Site the barbecue so the wind blows smoke away from your neighbours
Don’t light the barbecue when neighbours have their washing out
By following these simple tips you can help avoid unnecessary conflict and keep your barbecue fun for all involved!

Thank you everyone.

Cotton Wind Farm – Noise Complaints

It has been brought to our attention that people in the village are concerned that the councils are not, apparently, taking notice of the wind farm noise complaints which have been and are still being sent to them. The parish council, have requested the village representative on CFRA for the information and details of what to use in cases of complaint to the Ombudsman. The attached document contains sufficient evidence for individuals to allow detailed complaints to be made to the Ombudsman.

The author cannot be held responsible for any eventuality arising from evidence used from this document. Individual claimants can use this information and send to the Ombudsman in support of their complaint. It is the responsibility of the individual making the complaint to ensure the accuracy of the information in their complaint.

Kind regards

Graveley Parish Council


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