PCSO’s Update

Between 19:00 hrs on 31/10/17 and 07:00 hrs on 31/11/17.
Park Avenue, Histon.
Unknown persons have entered an insecure Nissan Versa and taken a jacket which was left on display.

Between 22:10 hrs and 22:20 hrs on 09/11/17.
Haden Way, Willingham.
Unknown person has smashed a front window of a house and the rear windscreen of a vehicle.

Between 19:00 hrs on 09/11/17 and 08:15 hrs on 10/11/17.
Hunting Grove, Boxworth.
Unknown person has slashed tyres on a silver Ford Focus which was parked in a bay outside of a house.

Between 15:00 hrs on 06/11/17 and 07:00 hrs on 07/11/17.
Chieftain Way, Orchard Park.
Unknown persons have smashed a rear patio door.

At 14:48 hrs on 10/11/17.
Tesco, Milton.
Known female has entered the store, filled a trolley with groceries and left without making any attempt at payment.

Between 17:00 hrs on 09/11/17 and 07:30 hrs on 10/11/17.
Station Road, Longstanton.
Unknown persons have entered a building site and taken electrical items.

Between 17:00 hrs on 03/11/17 and 15:30 hrs on 04/11/17.
High Street, Boxworth.
Unknown persons have broken into a building site and taken a digger.
Between 08:30 hrs and 21:10 hrs on 10/11/17.
Silver Street, Willingham.
Unknown person has forced open a front downstairs window to gain entry into a property.

At 07:50 hrs on 08/11/17.
Orchard Way, Oakington and Westwick.
Unknown male keeps knocking at the address asking for scrap metal. He has returned when the owner was not home and taken some scrap metal from the rear garden.

At 08:00 hrs on 11/11/17.
Longstanton Road, Oakington and Westwick.
Unknown person has entered the rear garden to a property and taken items from the garden shed.

Between 18:00 hrs on 10/11/17 and 09:10 hrs on 11/11/17.
Dodford Lane, Girton.
Unknown person has gained entry into a white ford connect van and taken electrical tools.

Between 11:30 hrs and 11:45 hrs on 11/11/17.
Tesco, Bar Hill.
Unknown male has filled up his red Skoda Fabia with fuel and has left without making any attempt to pay.

Between 18:30 hrs on 01/11/17 and 00:15 hrs on 12/11/17.
Fletcher Avenue, Waterbeach.
Unknown persons have gained entry into a house by smashing the glass in a rear door and have taken cash.

Between 07:30 hrs and 07:45 hrs on 11/11/17.
Tescol, Milton.
Unknown person has filled up a grey Volkswagen Golf with fuel and has left without making any attempt to pay.

02.11.2017  –  Stokes Drive, Godmanchester
Unknown offender(s) have damaged a vehicle whilst parked outside of victims property.

02.11.2017  –  Ferndown Drive, Godmanchester
Unknown male has broken lock of vehicle removing the door handle and taken items from within.

If you have any information which may assist with the investigation into these crimes please call 101, reply to this message or call crime stoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.