Vehicle Security

We are continuing to receive a number of reports of theft of pedal cycles and theft from motor vehicles in the Huntingdon area


– Ensure they are locked and secured using a good quality D-LOCK to a fixed object. The message with this type of lock is that, as with anything, you get what you pay for. Different locks have different security ratings, so when considering your purchase, buy the best that you are able to afford

– Try to locate your bike near to busy areas, and in view of CCTV cameras when possible (though note that cameras do not necessarily all face in the same direction all of the time)

– Use more than one lock – thieves are rarely equipped with tools to remove different types of locks

– Remove all accessories such as panniers, lights and helmets

– Register your bike for free at, ensure that you record a full description of the bike, including its frame number (this can usually be found stamped onto the frame below the pedals) and take a photograph of the bike. All of this information can be uploaded to the site.

– Ensure that you have adequate insurance for your bike, either through your home contents policy or on a standalone basis

– We produced a video back in 2013 that shows just how easy it is for a thief to steal a bike. Although filmed in Cambridge City, bikes are just as vulnerable anywhere else in the county

Watch the video at


  • The key message is remove ALL valuables, whether during the day time or at night. Avoid storing any vehicle documentation in the vehicle, keep it at home
  • Close all windows, sunroofs and check door locks have engaged if using remote fob
  • Avoid storing items in the boot, take them with you
  • Consider where you park your vehicle, where possible this should be in a well-lit, busy area.