Police Public Meetings

This document is presented prior to the next public meetings to be held at;

1.Sawston Sector – Tuesday 18th October 2016 between 7.30 pm and 9.00 pm at Sawston Village College.

2.Cambourne Sector – Wednesday 19th October 2016 between 7.30 pm and 9.00 pm at Comberton Sports & Arts Centre, Comberton Village College.

3.Histon Sector – Thursday 20th October 2016 between 7.30 pm and 9.00 pm at Swavesey Village College.

If you are unable to attend in person you can follow us on twitter on twitter @southcambscops. Just before the meeting starts we will post a link on our twitter feed. Click on this link and it will take you straight through to the live-stream of the meeting.

 Crime and ASB data for your neighbourhood can be found at www.police.uk and can be accessed by anyone. The aim of a panel area meeting is:

For the Police to highlight trends in crime and anti-social behaviour, and be available to discuss these in a public forum.

  • Listen and take note of concerns presented by individuals, parish councils, volunteer organisations such as Neighbourhood and Speed Watch, elected members and other residents or local associations.
  • For the panel to decide areas of concern for the community and Police to consider prioritising as part of local Policing.
  • To provide an update on the actions taken in regards to chosen priorities or other emerging trends.

Update from Inspector Drury

Following analysis of South Cambridgeshire’s crime data, we have implemented some changes to deployment of officers at a very local level. This is to target our PCSO’s time to the areas that experience the highest levels of crime. The numbers of officers and the breakdown of the teams has not changed, although there are a handful of villages that will have had a change of PCSO as their single point of contact.

We have identified that a very very small percentage of the roads in South Cambridgeshire generate the majority of our crime. We are ensuring that our officers target these areas, researching the crime trends, surveying the locations and implementing crime prevention initiatives.  The officers will work with local communities and partners to reduce the risk of being a victim of crime along with the perception of crime.
Update on current neighbourhood issues and local concerns from Sergeant Rabel

  1.   During the last quarter the local Constabulary have worked with South Cambs District Council in relation to illegally tethered horses causing distress and nuisance to other horse riders and pedestrians. Local Officers have accompanied staff from Council in placement of notices reminding people of their obligations to abandoned horses as well as horse owners themselves. During this period a particularly nuisance horse was seized and removed from the area. Local Officers re-enforced that this happened and we have almost no reports of nuisance horses since.

We have undertaken a crime prevention event in relation to Cycle theft from the local guided busways and have on separate days attended the guided busways located at Oakington, Swavesey, Cambridge Science Park, Orchard Park, Longstanton and Histon. We had our crime prevention Officer Rachel Carr accompanied by local officers to provide proven security advice to cyclists as well as offer free security encoding for peoples bikes. The events were well attended by cyclists and we coded over 324 cycles. Interestingly during this period one of the cycle thief’s we caught was locked up by the courts for 6 weeks.

We have continued with Op Hunter – which is a village crime prevention initiative where we have worked with the local Parish Council to support a venue in their village where for one evening our Officers can work from. During this period we have held events in Gt Shelford, Melbourn, Milton and Ickleton. The purpose of the Officers is to go out into the village and knock on as many households they can, offering free security advice and home security surveys. We offer discounted security products at these events including Smart Water kits and at each event a presentation given in relation to crime trends in the area. We have several more events planned until February next year which are advertised well in advance via our website.

Sawston Parish Council have raised concerns regarding nuisance youths in the village causing concern to residents. There was a suggestion by some in the community to consider a Public Places Protection Order (PSPO). Following a meeting with Parish and District Councils along with Police, there does not appear to be the evidence to support an order of this sort at this point in time. Through the Parish Council affected residents are being asked to collate evidence through diaries, if particular ‘hotspots’ or individuals can be identified, then a more focused action can be considered. South Cambs District Council are continuing to provide funding for youth outreach workers in the area.

For approximately two years we have been sending out daily e-cops email alerts in relation to the previous 24 hours crime relating to mostly thefts and criminal damage. The idea of the alerts was to solicit any witnesses to the crimes that may have taken place. The alerts are published by a member of staff at each of the three South Cambs Police Stations – Sawston, Cambourne and Histon and can take an hour to do depending on crimes reported. This can mean up to 3 hours a day is spent on this activity. In considering the time spent verses the replies received we have debated the worthwhileness of continuing this activity.  Police Sergeant Mark Rabel has recently sought views of the recipients of these daily alerts. Two hundred and fifty seven people took the time to offer their views and overwhelmingly people want the alerts to continue with arguments that the alerts create an up to date awareness of crime in their area and remind people to take care with home and car security. We will continue with the service and look for ways to either automate the service and or solicit a public service volunteer to help.

There has been a slight re-organisation of staff and village points of contacts. Police Sergeant’s Jon Capes and Mark Rabel are responsible for the team of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and also three Partnership and Prevention Police Officers who cover the area of South Cambs. We are now using an evidence based Policing model where resource is deployed to the busiest area. Our team remains with 3 Police Constables and 16 PCSOs. The Constables have specific responsibility for partnership and prevention work where they will work with other agencies – such as Registered Social Landlords, Fire Service, Education Authority, Social Services, Probation etc and the Constables are responsible for preparing prosecution case papers for identified recidivists. Our PCSO team is split into 4 PCSOs specifically involved in crime enquiry tasking, 5 PCSOs having a focus on specific micro beats where we are actively looking to reduce crime, 6 PCSOs involved in general day to day deployment and calls for service, and the remaining PCSO involved in business crime prevention and general village communications.

Within the next 8 weeks the Local District Nursing Team who are responsible for over 65’s will be moving into shared office space at Histon Police Station. This will result in better collaboration between the Police and the NHS in relation to vulnerable people and is something local Officers are looking forwards to. We have already worked together in relation to an elderly lady subject to scam mail who is being inundated with 1000’s letters to her requesting money. In working together we have involved Trading Standards, Royal Mail and the local GP in effort for the long term wellbeing of the lady involved.

Over the last 3 weeks we have solicited responses from Parish Councils if there are any issues they would wish to be raised at the meetings. Responses received are;

I am very concerned about the increasing numbers of cyclists on pavements that are not designated for cyclists. It is extremely dangerous for pedestrians at all times but especially where a tall hedge runs along the edge of the pavement. A pedestrian emerging onto the pavement from a gap in the hedge takes a very great risk: it is like stepping straight onto a road with silent traffic. I and my dog have had several very near misses.

Oakington & Westwick:
The increase in traffic using the Airfield Road within the last six months has been marked.  I appreciate that the use of the road has been a matter of some contention for a number of years, but with the new developments to the north of Oakington, there has been a most noticeable increase in traffic.  Occasional police patrols which simply stopped the traffic would be most welcome.  It could be pointed out to the motorists that one does not pick and choose which laws one wishes to obey.

Quad bikes being ridden through the village.
Update from SPS Paul Jenkins, Speed Watch Coordinator and South Cambs Speed Team (#SCSpeedTeam)
Speed Watch
Speed Watch continues to go from strength to strength in South Cambs with training courses held once a month and being well subscribed.  They have been held in Cambourne Police Station on the first Saturday of the month and the next one will be on Saturday 5th November from 10-1200 hrs.  The teams are getting out there frequently and are being supported where they ask to be by a marked police presence when available which is more often than not.  If you have any questions, queries or would like to be involved, please approach someone on the panel and it will be taken from there.  Speed Watch doesn’t involve any time consuming checks as it is purely a tool to Educate the motorist about speed.
Feedback is being given to teams and recently one village asked about persistent speeders; these people attract personal attention owing to them being High Risk in terms of having a collision.  On the first day the opportunity was taken to stop one persistent speeder (who was flashed and came through very slowly) and have a discussion about the way ahead and potential sanctions and remedies.  They are not expected to be seen again!

Speed Enforcement
Enforcement is a purely police activity and used to go out to the areas of South Cambs where speeding is a concern of the Community.  Time does not matter and the Chief Inspector and his Special Sergeant met at 0430 hrs recently to look for someone who speeds through the village at 5 am.  The joy of meeting was entirely on our side and we don’t expect this person to carry on in that manner – if they do then another very early start beckons.
Paul is now a trainer on the Ultralyte Speed Enforcement system and has trained a significant number of officers in South Cambs who when calls for service allow, do some
ad hoc speed enforcement in villages.  Reports come back of very surprised motorists stopped in the early hours of the morning by local officers – its usually the Roads Policing Unit that covers this but South Cambs officers are responding to information from the public about excess speed, potential drink drivers and other offences which is excellent.
Speed is one of the fatal four contributors to deaths on the road along with Drink/Drugs, Seatbelts and mobile phone misuse.

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