Crowded places like shopping centres and busy pubs often attract pickpockets because it is easier for them to steal your personal items without you knowing.

Don’t give thieves the opportunity. Help yourself avoid becoming a victim of pickpocketing by following our advice.

We encourage you to;

  • use a bag that can be closed properly so that it’s difficult for someone to open it and reach in
  • wear bags across your body rather than over your shoulder
  • avoid tucking your bag under your chair or table where someone can easily grab it
  • consider using a lanyard which attaches your phone or purse/wallet to your bag or clothes
  • keep your purse or wallet at the bottom of your bag
  • avoid putting valuables such as phones, wallets or purses in your back pocket
  • register your property with Immobilise so that if your belongings are lost or stolen, there’s a better chance of them being returned to you.

Report pickpocketing

If you believe you have been the victim of pickpocketing, you can report this to us 101.