PCSO’s Update

10/08/2016 09:30 – 11/08/2016 06:30
Aster Way, Orchard Park.
Overnight offender/s have gained access to the bike shed and have stolen a bike.

25/07/2016 07:10 – 25/07/2016 18:40
Waterbeach Railway Station, Station Road, Waterbeach
Offender has stolen a locked bike from the bike racks at the train station.

10/08/2016 20:00 – 10/08/2016 20:30
Chequers Lane, Papworth Everard
Victim was on a scooter on a publicly accessible pathway near the pub location, the victim has suffered a dog bite to his left leg.

10/08/2016 15:30 – 11/08/2016 09:30
Bar Road, Longstanton
Between stated times, a hydraulic breaker has been removed from the front of a 5 tonne digger vehicle. This has been unscrewed from the digger.

10/08/2016 23:00 – 11/08/2016 07:30
Crispin Close, Impington
Offender has stolen a site radio from an insecure vehicle.

10/08/2016 15:00 – 11/08/2016 08:30
Flack End, Orchard Park
Offender has stolen a wheel from a pedal cycle.

10/08/2016 16:00 – 11/08/2016 20:20
Cornell Court, Orchard Park
Offenders gained access into an unlocked communal bike shed and they have stolen a locked black mens mountain bicycle.

31/07/2016 19:00 – 01/08/2016 06:00
Chieftain Way, Orchard Park
Offenders have access the vehicle in a unknown way and taken out a battery radio, combi drill and orange fein (Ed: I don’t know either!) saw.

As always, if you have information relating to any offence, or are concerned about any suspicious activities, please contact police by using the ‘101’ telephone number. Alternatively, you can use ‘Crimestoppers’ to make a report anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or by using their on-line contact form. In an emergency, or if you witness a crime in progress, always use ‘999’.

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