PCSO’s Update



Between Friday 16th at 17:30 and Saturday 17th at 10:30 a vehicle has been damaged in Skipper Way. In the morning it was discovered that a tyre was deflated and on taking it to the garage for repair the aggrieved was informed that a sharp implement had been used to damage the tyre.

On this occasion the vehicle had been parked in the street however if it is at all possible it is always best to park your vehicle in a garage or on the driveway. 




On Monday 26th at around 22:15 a van was broken into in Sweeting Avenue. Once entry had been gained various tools were stolen. There was another van broken into in Park Close and it is believed to have been the same offenders. Although entry was gained nothing had been stolen which suggest the offenders may have been disturbed. On the same night there were a further two vehicles broken into in the Eatons and two in St. Neots. Extensive house to house has been completed and enquires are on-going.

A141 Near Hartford Roundabout – Police received a report that the body of a dog had been found at the side of the A141 near the Hartford roundabout, on Wednesday morning, 7th March. The dog, brindle coloured with a white chest and wearing a brown leather collar, appeared to be a breed similar to a pit-bull terrier, but did not seem to have been hit by traffic. The RSPCA was already thought to have been notified but police checked that they would be sending someone out to investigate. (Ref CC-07032018-0073)

A14 Near Hemingford Abbots – Two lorries that were parked up in a layby on the A14 near Hemingford Abbots were interfered with overnight on Wednesday 7th / Thursday 8th March:

  • The side curtain on one lorry was slashed and the cargo of boxes was disturbed with many boxes stolen and a further number thrown out onto the tarmac and also across a fence into a nearby field. The driver discovered the theft when he woke at about 1:00 am, but did not see or hear the crime taking place. (Ref CF0125640318)
  • The curtain of a second lorry was also slashed, but it is not thought that anything was stolen from inside. (Ref CF0125620318)

Thicket Road, Houghton – Thieves removed and stole approximately 40 metres of fencing, consisting of posts and barbed wire, from a wooded area on Thicket Road, Houghton, at some time between Saturday 24th February and Saturday 10th March. At the moment, no-one has reported seeing anything suspicious in the area during the two-week period. (Ref CF0130090318)

CF0136840318 – Theft from a vehicle – North Lodge Drive, Papworth – Between 1630 and 2130 on the 13th of March 2018 a Renault Boxer Van KP65 RXY has been broken into while parked on the street. The van has been entered via the rear door which has caused a dent and tools have been taken.

CF0137130318 – Theft from a vehicle – Jubilee Green Papworth – Between 2100 on the 13th and 0700 on the 14th of March 2018 offender(s) have gained access to the victims vehicle by popping the lock on the back doors, they have then stolen 2 drills and 2 charger packs to the value of around £1100.

If you have any information regarding either of the two crimes listed above please call in on 101 and quote the above CF number.