PCSO’s Update

CF0671201117 18/11/2017 12:00 – 20/11/2017 07:30 Cheere Way, Papworth Everard

Theft from a motor vehicle


CF0673291117 20/11/2017 18:50 – 20/11/2017 20:50 High Street, Cottenham

Theft from a motor vehicle


CF0673811117 09/11/2017 17:00 – 20/11/2017 08:00 Thornhill Place, Longstanton

Theft of a motor vehicle

CF0674191117 20/11/2017 01:00 – 21/11/2017 08:45 Magdalene Close, LongstantonTheft from a motor vehicle, rear number plate taken

CF0675521117 21/11/2017 14:40 – 21/11/2017 17:40 Burrough Field, Impington Burglary

CF0675781117 21/11/2017 18:00 – 21/11/2017 21:00 Whitmore Way, Waterbeach Theft from a motor vehicle, window smashed and bag taken

CF0675961117 21/11/2017 20:30 – 21/11/2017 21:30 Clayhithe Road, Waterbeach Theft from a motor vehicle, bags stolen

CF0676101117 21/11/2017 16:30 – 21/11/2017 21:30 High Street, Histon Theft of a pedal cycle

CF0676771117 21/11/2017 18:00 – 22/11/2017 08:00 Gibson Close, Waterbeach Theft from a motor vehicle, theft of number plates

St Ives Road, Hilton – Intruders broke into and burgled a house undergoing renovation on St Ives Road, Hilton, at some time between 3:45 pm on Wednesday 15th and 9:00 am on Thursday 16th November. The thieves drove across a field to get to the site, removing a farmer’s gate and temporary security fencing to do so, then broke into the house and stole a quantity of builders’ tools and equipment. Outbuildings on the site were also broken into and entered, but it is not yet known what may have been stolen from them. Investigations are continuing. (Ref CF0662551117)


Banks End, Wyton – Police closed a section of the A1123 between Hartford and Mere Way on Friday afternoon, 17th November, following an incident in which a pedestrian was knocked down by a lorry at around 3:45 pm. Although an ambulance was quickly at the scene, very sadly the male victim died en route to hospital. The lorry was towed away for examination and the road was re-opened later in the evening. (Ref CC-17112017-0340)


A141 Hartford Roundabout – Police were called to a collision between two cars at the Hartford roundabout at 5:45 pm on Friday 17th November. One car was reported to be embedded in the back of the other but fortunately no-one was injured. Recovery services towed one car away and the second was left awaiting removal by the owner’s own insurance company. (Ref CC-17112017-0426)


Graveley Way, Hilton – Police received a report of a horse loose on the road at Graveley Way, Hilton, at 5:30 pm on Sunday 19th November. The concern was that it would stray onto the main A1198 road and cause an accident. A police patrol was dispatched and officers located the horse, wearing a white jacket, and contacted its owner. (Ref CC-19112017-0316)


Common Lane, Hemingford Abbots – Police received a report of a man spotted behaving suspiciously on Common Lane, Hemingford Abbots, at around 6:00 pm on Monday 20th November. The man had been seen apparently looking into gardens and house windows. When challenged, he said he was looking for a dog. As the report was received after the incident took place, no patrol was dispatched, but details were logged for intelligence purposes. The man was described as tall, bearded and wearing dark clothing with a hooded top. (Ref CC-20112017-0388)