PCSO’s Update

Between 21:00 hrs and 23:00 hrs on 28/10/17. Station Road, Waterbeach.
Unknown persons have taken an Iphone 6 from a handbag while at a party. The empty phone case was found discarded in the road. CF0622621017.

Between 00:00 hrs on 22/10/17 and 00:00 hrs on 28/10/17. Mill Road, Waterbeach.
Unknown person has entered a house by forcing open a rear window and taken cash and jewellery. CF0622721017.

Between 11:00 hrs and 11:40 hrs on 29/10/17. Tesco Petrol, Cambridge Road, Milton.
Unknown male has filled up a jerry can with fuel and left without making any attempt to pay. CF0623051017.

Between 16:00 hrs on 28/10/17 and 12:30 hrs on 29/10/17. Rosemary Road, Waterbeach.
Unknown persons have scratched the side of a grey Toyota van which was parked in the road. CF0623171017.

At 18:10 hrs on 26/10/17. Central Avenue, Orchard Park. Unknown person has entered a rear garden to a property and taken a boys hybrid black and yellow cycle and a blue scooter which were locked together. CF0623601017.

Between 12:10 hrs and 20:15 hrs on 29/10/17. Acorn Avenue, Bar Hill. Unknown persons have taken the front and rear index plates from a red Citroen C1 whilst it was parked in the road. CF0623851017.

Between 00:00 hrs and 04:00 hrs on 28/10/17. Woodside, Longstanton. Unknown person has smashed a window from the inside of a property. CF0623891017.

Between 17:00 hrs on 27/10/17 and 07:30 hrs on 28/10/17. Northstowe Development, Longstanton. Unknown persons have entered the building site and taken a JCB mini digger. CF0624401017.

Between 19:30 hrs on 29/10/17 and 08:30 hrs on 30/10/17. Woodlark Drive, Cottenham.
Unknown persons have taken the front and rear number plates from a silver Vauxhall Corsa which was parked on a driveway. CF0624441017.

Between 12:00 hrs on 21/10/17 and 08:05 hrs on 30/10/17. Woodlark Drive, Cottenham.
Unknown persons have taken the front and rear number plates from a grey Vauxhall Astra. CF0624641017.

Between 10:00 hrs on 28/10/17 and 08:55 hrs on 30/10/17. St Peter and St Pauls Church, Park Street, Dry Drayton. Unknown person has attempted to gain entry into a wooden shed. CF0625331017.

Between 15:00 hrs on 29/10/17 and 14:30 hrs on 30/10/17. Church Lane, Dry Drayton.
Unknown person have forced open a garage door. CF0625501017.

CF0624441017 29/10/2017 19:30 – 30/10/2017 08:30 Woodlark Drive, Cottenham

Theft from a motor vehicle, number plates taken


CF0624641017 21/10/2017 12:00 – 30/10/2017 08:05 Woodlark Drive, Cottenham

Theft from a motor vehicle, number plates taken


CF0625331017 28/10/2017 10:00 – 30/10/2017 08:55 Park Street, Dry Drayton

Business Burglary, offenders attempted to gain access to shed at the above location.


CF0625761017 30/10/2017 12:45 – 30/10/2017 13:12 Cornell Court, Orchard Park

Theft from a motor vehicle, front window smashed and handbag taken.


CF0625921017 30/10/2017 15:00 – 30/10/2017 15:45 Park Lane, Histon

Theft from a motor vehicle, window smashed and window


CF0625941017 30/10/2017 11:00 – 30/10/2017 17:00 College Road, Impington



CF0627101017 30/10/2017 23:30 – 31/10/2017 07:30 Lambs Lane, Cottenham

Theft from a motor vehicle, number plates taken


CF0627151017 27/10/2017 17:00 – 31/10/2017 09:30 Huntingdon Road, Girton

Theft of a pedal cycle


St Ives Road, Hemingford Grey / Hemingford Road, St Ives – Police received reports of a young woman speaking with a northern English accent cold-calling at houses in the St Ives Road area of Hemingford Grey at around midday on Friday 20th October. When residents told her that they did not deal with cold-callers, the woman allegedly became verbally abusive, and in one incident kicked out at a car as she walked back down the drive, although no damage was caused. Officers searched the area, located the woman, spoke to her and checked her identity and credentials. (Ref CC-20102017-0207)


Banks End, Wyton – A maroon Mercedes van, left locked and secure in a gated residential parking area at Banks End, Wyton, has been stolen at some time since it was left there in September. It is not known when precisely the van was stolen or how the thieves managed to get it through the barrier guarding the parking area. (Ref CF0600141017)


Pound Road, Hemingford Grey – Police received a report of cold-callers in a green Vauxhall car knocking on doors on Pound Road, Hemingford Grey, on Monday afternoon, 30th October. The report mentioned that they were selling calendars on behalf of a cancer charity. A police patrol was dispatched and officers searched the area, finally locating the car in St Ives. Officers checked the identities of the occupants but no offences were revealed, although one of the individuals was arrested on an unrelated matter. However, the details of the people concerned were passed on to the District Council’s Trading Standards department and officers will arrange for welfare visits to residents affected by the incident. (Ref CC-30102017-0317 and CC-30102017-0504)


CF0627341017 30/10/2017 17:00 – 31/10/2017 08:00 Hill Farm Cottages, Swavesey



CF0627621017 31/10/2017 12:00 – 31/10/2017 12:00 Brook Street, Elsworth,



CF0628891117 31/10/2017 20:50 – 31/10/2017 21:01 Chieftain Way, Orchard Park

Theft from a motor vehicle, tools taken


CF0629301117 31/10/2017 20:15 – 31/10/2017 20:25 Thornton Close, Girton

Theft from a motor vehicle, tools taken

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As always, if you have information relating to any offence, or are concerned about any suspicious activities, please contact police by using the ‘101’ telephone number. Alternatively, you can use ‘Crimestoppers’ to make a report anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or by using their on-line contact form. In an emergency, or if you witness a crime in progress, always use ‘999’.