PCSO’s Update

13/09/2017 20:00 – 14/09/2017 08:00 Bramley Avenue, Melbourn 

Criminal Damage to a motor vehicle, front windscreen smashed and bodywork scratched.

13/09/2017 16:30 – 14/09/2017 07:30 Broad Street, Cambourne 

Theft from motor vehicle, tools taken

14/09/2017 06:30 – 14/09/2017 07:40 Lancaster Gate, Cambourne 

Theft from a motor vehicle, tools taken

15/09/2017 10:15 – 15/09/2017 10:15 Church End, Gamlingay 

Theft of a motor vehicle


13/09/2017 19:45 – 14/09/2017 10:37 Long Furlong, Over

Business Burglary attempt, criminal damage caused to fence post whilst offenders were attempting to gain access.


14/09/2017 12:30 – 14/09/2017 13:15 Cambridge Science Park, Milton

Theft from a motor vehicle, bags taken


14/09/2017 07:45 – 14/09/2017 17:10 St John’s Lane, Papworth Everard

Criminal Damage to a dwelling, window smashed


13/09/2017 19:00 – 14/09/2017 07:30 Cheere Way, Papworth Everard

Theft from a motor vehicle, fog light surrounds taken.


Date Occurred: 14/09/2017 at 22:00 and 15/09/2017 at 07:15. Location: Otter Close, Bar Hill

Description: Unknown offender/s have attempted to gain entry to van but were unsuccessful. The van lock was damaged.


Date Occurred: 16/09/2017 20:00 – 17/09/2017 10:50 Location: Topper Street, Orchard Park

Description: Unknown offender has smashed the window on Black Honda Civic. Nothing was been stolen.

At 12:30 hrs on 17/09/17. The Rowans, Milton.
A dog has escaped the rear garden of a property and has got into the street where it has bitten the forearm of a male and caused a minor injury.

Between 12:30 hrs and 13:15 hrs on 14/09/17. Cambridge Science Park, Milton.
Unknown offender has taken a TomTom Satnav from the cab of a lorry.

If you have any information which may assist with the investigation into these crimes please call 101, reply to this message or call crime stoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.