PCSO’s Update

Manor Road, Hemingford Grey – Police received several calls in the early afternoon of Monday 24th July, reporting cars parked on double yellow lines on a double bend on Manor Road, Hemingford Grey, posing a hazard to other traffic. However, when a police patrol was free to visit the scene later in the afternoon, the road was clear although a nearby car-park was quite full suggesting that maybe the offending cars had moved. (Ref CC-24072017-0228)

Cambridge Road, Hemingford Grey – Criminals damaged wheat awaiting harvesting in a field south of the A14 Cambridge Road, Hemingford Grey, overnight on Tuesday 25th / Wednesday 26th July. The offenders lifted a gate off its hinges in order to be able to enter the field, then drove around in the crop causing a substantial amount of damage. The following night, Wednesday 26th / Thursday 27th, the gate to the field was again targeted when vandals cut through two heavy-duty padlocks. On the second occasion, however, the field was not entered and no further damage was caused. (Ref CF-0430400717)

A14 Eastbound Galley Hill – Police were called to a collision involving five cars on the eastbound A14 near Galley Hill at midday on Friday 28th July. The road was partially blocked until officers managed to move the damaged cars off the carriageway, but fortunately no-one appears to have been hurt as ambulances were not required. (Ref CC-28072017-0207)

A141 Hartford / Wyton – Police received a call from an ambulance driving along the A141 between the Hartford and Wyton roundabouts shortly after midnight early on Saturday morning 29th July, reporting a broken down car with no lights on an unlit stretch of road, posing a hazard to other road users – the ambulance had nearly run into it. A police patrol was diverted to attend, and stayed with the car and its driver until recovery services arrived to tow the car away. (Ref CC-29072017-0008)

 A14 Westbound near Galley Hill – Police were called to a collision involving three cars on the westbound A14 near Galley Hill, at 8:15 am on Monday 31st July. Fortunately no-one was injured and there was no need for an ambulance or recovery services. (Ref CC-31072017-0077)

Burglary Residential (Iram Drove, Willingham) 31/07/2017 18:00 – 01/08/2017 07:00 Offender has broken into stable outbuilding and stolen a pony cart by removing the gates to the fence and cutting the padlocks to a container.

CF0440140817 Theft from a motor vehicle (Coles Road, Milton)

30/07/2017 17:00 – 01/08/2017 20:00

Offender(s) has stolen both the front/rear index plates off victims silver VW Bora car whilst parked locked and secured to the rear of home address.

CF0440520817 Theft from a motor vehicle (Walkling Way, Milton)

01/08/2017 18:00 – 02/08/2017 09:00

Offender has removed and stolen front and rear index plates from BLUE VOLKSWAGEN POLO, while vehicle parked in residential street

CF0440590817 Burglary Residential (Varrier Jones Drive, Papworth Everard)

26/07/2017 12:00 – 01/08/2017 21:00

Unknown offender/s have broken into the house and have stolen keys and car. AUDI 


In Eynesbury:

17/07/2017 05:00 – 17/07/2017 14:30 Whitehall Walk

Unknown offender/s have smashed a pane of glass to a back door window.

18/07/2017 05:10 – 18/07/2017 05:15 Duck Lane

Unknown offenders have tried to gain access to a white Peugeot van.


19/07/2017 08:45 – 19/07/2017 08:50 Potton Road

Unknown male was seen to walk out of alley way with a bundle of electric cables taken from a garden.

25/07/2017 22:00 – 25/07/2017 22:00 Baxter Drive

Unknown offenders have forced entry to a white Peugot Expert van and removed an item from within. 

25/07/2017 18:00 – 26/07/2017 06:30 Buttercup Avenue

Unknown offender/s have smashed the nearside front window of a silver Citroen Berlingo van.


28/07/2017 20:00 – 31/07/2017 11:50 Howitts Gardens

Unknown offenders have damage the bonnet of a silver Vauxhall Astra. 

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As always, if you have information relating to any offence, or are concerned about any suspicious activities, please contact police by using the ‘101’ telephone number. Alternatively, you can use ‘Crimestoppers’ to make a report anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or by using their on-line contact form. In an emergency, or if you witness a crime in progress, always use ‘999’.