PCSO’s Update

CF0336990617 THEFT FROM A MOTOR VEHICLE (Station Road, Impington) 15/06/2017 17:30 – 16/06/2017 07:30 Unknown offender has forced door locks to silver Vauxhall combo van entry gained items stolen

CF0337040617 THEFT FROM A MOTOR VEHICLE (Ladywalk, Longstanton) 15/06/2017 20:00 – 16/06/2017 09:00 Overnight unknown offender has broken into silver Mercedes and stolen 3 pairs of Rayban Sunglasses.

CF0338580617 CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO A DWELLING (Aster Way, Orchard Park) 16/06/2017 18:00 – 16/06/2017 18:00 Young children have been recklessly throwing stones, throwing them at a window of ground floor flat, causing glass to smash

CF0339520617 OTHER CRIMINAL DAMAGE (Foxhollow, Bar Hill) 16/06/2017 22:30 – 17/06/2017 06:00 Detached bungalow in residential area, side fence has had 2 panels damaged, damage to wooden side gate which appears to have been kicked and pots near the other side gate have been moved or kicked over causing damage.

CF0339560617 BURGLARY RESIDENTIAL (New Road, Impington) 17/06/2017 00:01 – 17/06/2017 06:30 Suspect(s) forced the front door open with a thin implement and completed an untidy search of the address. Small items like jewellery and handheld electronics were taken.

CF0339700617 OTHER CRIMINAL DAMAGE (Histon And Impington Recreation Ground) 16/06/2017 22:30 – 17/06/2017 00:30 Following a gathering of youths after an end of exam party which was held without permission on the recreation ground there is a lot of criminal damage to surrounding recreation ground facilities and road signage.

CF0340090617 OTHER CRIMINAL DAMAGE (Appletrees, Bar Hill) 17/06/2017 06:00 – 17/06/2017 06:00 Metal gate has been completely ripped off its hinges and damaged.

CF0338340617 POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED DRUGS (CANNABIS) Longstanton Road, Oakington 16/06/2017 14:20 – 16/06/2017 14:50 White Van has been spotted with No Insurance, MOT or Tax. When vehicle searched, prohibited items are found in the vehicle.

CF0340320617 THEFT FROM A MOTOR VEHICLE ( Gladeside, Bar Hill)

16/06/2017 15:00 – 17/06/2017 12:30 Front and rear number plates and glass from wing mirror have been taken from Ford Transit when it was parked at the location.

CF0341000617 OTHER CRIMINAL DAMAGE (Green End, Landbeach) 

17/06/2017 12:00 – 17/06/2017 18:26 5 quad bikes have been ridden over a wheat crop field causing damage to the wheat crop this is an ongoing problem and so an acre of crop has been damaged.

CF0341720617 OTHER THEFT (A14 Huntingdon Road Eastbound)

18/06/2017 04:30 – 18/06/2017 04:35 Suspect has driven onto building site removed sandbag off security rail and then placed security rail into his van and driven off.

CF0342180617 THEFT FROM A MOTOR VEHICLE (Hereward Close, Impington) 17/06/2017 22:00 – 18/06/2017 05:00 Unknown offender has stolen front & rear index plates from a Silver Nissan X-Trial Columbia whilst parked near home address.

CF0344110617 BURGLARY RESIDENTIAL (Somerset Road, Histon) 16/06/2017 02:30 – 19/06/2017 01:00 Offenders have forced a side panel in the door and gained entry to the house. An untidy search has been carried out through out and jewellery and cash stolen.

CF0344240617 OTHER THEFT (Viking Way, Bar Hill) 19/06/2017 09:00 – 19/06/2017 09:20 Offender is believed to have taken Samsung J500 mobile phone from the owners trolley while they were shopping.

CF0344560617 OTHER CRIMINAL DAMAGE (Rampton Road, Cottenham) 19/06/2017 13:00 – 19/06/2017 13:00 Offender has attended allotments and broken the shed doors of two sheds by slamming and twisting them he has also broken a bike by throwing it down and jumping on it.


CF0344610617 OTHER THEFT (Hamden Way, Papworth Everard) 19/06/2017 09:00 – 19/06/2017 09:00 One panel of trellis has been removed behind residents shed.


CF0344870617 Theft of a pedal cycle (Huntingdon Road Junction – Girton Rd) 18/06/2017 09:30 – 19/06/2017 15:00 Victim has left his black gents hybrid Carrera Crossfire 2 locked to a bike rack using a D lock through the front wheel , where unknown offender/s have stolen the bike frame and rear wheel leaving the quick release front wheel and D lock still attached to the bike rack.


CF0346090617 Theft of a pedal cycle (Burgess Road, Waterbeach) 19/06/2017 15:30 – 20/06/2017 00:15 Informant had his bicycle taken, he locked it up on the railings outside the station by the ticket machine, when he came back at 00:15 the bicycle was gone along with the lock. The lock used was heavy duty and would need a tool like bolt croppers to break the lock.


CF0346270617 OTHER THEFT (Huntingdon Road, Swavesey) 20/06/2017 06:20 – 20/06/2017 07:00 Offenders have gone onto the a1 project site from m11, and taken a Brendon washer bowser worth £2,000

If you have any information which may assist with the investigation into these crimes please call 101, reply to this message or call crime stoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.