PCSO’s Update

Between 12:30 hrs on 28/04/2017 and 09:00 hrs on 30/04/2017. The Spinney, Bar Hill.
Unknown offender has taken a stone ornamental lion from the front step. CF0236470417.

Between 17:00 hrs on 29/04/2017 and 07:30 hrs on 30/04/2017. Hygate Farm in West Fen Road, Willingham.
Two unknown offenders have cropped the bolt on a farm barn and have taken a chainsaw and strimmer. CF0236510417.

Between 09:00 hrs and 19:45 hrs on 30/04/2017. Ridgeway, Papworth Everard.

Unknown offender has entered the rear garden and gone into a child’s outside playhouse and taken toys. CF0237650417.

Between 21:00 hrs on 20/04/2017 and 09:30 hrs on 21/04/2017. Normanton Way, Histon.
Unknown offender has entered a house and taken items of jewellery. CF0237680417.

Between 14:00 hrs and 19:00 hrs on 30/04/2017. High Street, Oakington and Westwick.
Unknown offender has broken a front window to a house to gained entry and taken cash and jewellery. CF0237700417.

Between 22:00 hrs on 30/04/2017 and 08:00 hrs on 01/05/2017. Cossington Close, Cottenham.

Unknown offenders have entered a property via an unlocked side door and taken handbags and cash. CF0238390517.

Between 20:00 hrs on 29/04/2017 and 20:00 hrs on 30/04/2017. Cornell Court, Orchard Park.

Unknown offender at a house party has taken cash. CF0238420517.

Between 00:01 hrs and 02:39 hrs on 01/05/2017. Cossington Close, Cottenham

Unknown offenders have started a fire at the rear of a house which has caused damage to a fence and guttering. CF0238470517.

Between 17:00 hrs on 26/04/2017 and 09:00 hrs on 27/04/2017. Cossington Close, Cottenham.

Unknown offenders have entered a rear garden and taken dustbins containing copper. CF0238860517.

At 15:30 hrs on 01/05/2017.  Cross Keepers Hut, New Road, Impington.

Unknown offenders have taken an unlocked child’s green Giant unisex bike from the wooded area.

At 18:30 hrs on 01/05/2017. Long Drove, Waterbeach.

Unknown offenders have caused damage to irrigation piping and crops while driving across a farmer’s field.  CF0239430517.

Between 00:00 hrs on 30/04/2017 and 00:00 hrs on 02/05/2017. Rampton Drift, Longstanton.

Unknown offenders have taken the numbers plates off a blue ford focus while it was parked outside of a house. CF0239850517.

Between 19:00 hrs on 30/04/2017 and 07:30 hrs on 02/05/2017. Tenison Manor, Cottenham.

Unknown offenders have taken the numbers plates off a blue Bmw X5 while it was parked outside of a house. CF0239870517.

Huntingdon Road, Banks End, Wyton – Police were called to a road incident at Banks End, Wyton, at 1:30 am on Tuesday 25th April, involving a single car which had been in collision with a street light and was blocking the road. Although the report mentioned two people in the car, when police arrived they found only one person, who was injured and trapped inside the vehicle.

Fire crews were called who needed to cut the roof off the car to rescue the occupant, who was then taken to hospital by ambulance with suspected leg and chest injuries. Once Highways engineers had made the damaged street light safe, recovery services were able to tow the damaged car away and the road was open again by 4:00 am.

​Meanwhile, police believed that the driver must have run away from the scene, and a search of the area was carried out, which included the use of a police helicopter. Although no-one was located, police enquiries are continuing.

Cambridge Road, Hemingford Grey – Police are investigating a report of a theft of scrap metal from behind farm buildings on Cambridge Road, Hemingford Grey, believed to have taken place at 10:30 am on Wednesday 26th April.

The Green, Hilton – Police received several calls on Wednesday afternoon, 26th April, reporting Travellers arriving on The Green at Hilton. A police patrol was dispatched to Hilton and officers found three caravans and several vans and cars parked on The Green. The occupants explained that they were passing through and expected to stay for a maximum of two nights.

New Road, Hemingford Abbots – Police received a call at 9:45 pm on Wednesday evening, 26th April, from a motorist travelling from Hemingford Grey along New Road towards the A14, who had found the road blocked by four cars surrounded by several young people who had behaved in an intimidating manner towards her. A police patrol later in the evening found the road clear and everything quiet.

New Road, Hemingford Abbots – Police received a report of a car in the ditch on New Road at 6:15 am on Thursday 27th April. The car was locked and appeared to have been left there by the driver after running off the road. Police checks confirmed that this was the case – the driver had walked home after loosing control and crashing the car, and would be arranging recovery later in the day.

A14 Eastbound, Galley Hill  – Police were called to a road incident on the Eastbound A14 at 4:30 pm on Thursday 27th April in which one car was alleged to have driven into the back of another, and the drivers were becoming aggressive towards each other. The incident was resolved when both parties exchanged details.

A14 Hemingford Abbots – Police assisted Fire crews dealing with a lorry that had caught fire whilst travelling on the A14 near Hemingford Abbots, at 10:20 am on Friday 28th April. The lorry was safely towed off the main carriageway and the fire dealt with.

A1123 Wyton / B1514 Hartford – Police stopped a car exceeding the speed limit along the A1123 near Wyton in the early hours of Saturday 29th April. The driver was found to be over the limit for alcohol and to have no valid insurance and was taken into custody, whilst the car was towed away.

Turberville Court, Hemingford Grey – Police received a call from a man at 4:45 am on Saturday morning, 29th April, reporting that he had been assaulted whilst he was walking his dog down an alleyway at Turberville Court, Hemingford Grey, after returning home from a night out in St Ives. An ambulance was called to treat the victim for a gash on his head, and police later carried out enquiries at houses in the area, but no-one reported having seen or heard anything at the time of the incident. Investigations are continuing.

Houghton Hill, Houghton – Police were called to a collision involving two cars on Houghton Hill at 8:30 pm on Sunday 30th April, in which one car had been left immobilised. Fortunately no-one was injured but recovery services were needed to tow the damaged car away and the road was clear again by 10:30 pm.

Mill Street, Houghton – Police received a call at 10:30 pm on Sunday 30th April reporting a resident of a house in Mill Street, Houghton, apparently in distress, who had attracted the attention of late-evening pedestrians walking past her house. Police quickly attended, found that the lady had had a fall in her house and called for an ambulance.

Suspicious Behaviour:

Here are summaries of incidents involving suspicious behaviour in the Hemingfords District reported to police this week:​

Apple Orchard, Hemingford Grey, Thursday morning, 27th April – a resident reported having received a telephone call from a company stating they were operating in the area and asking if he would like to have all of his locks checked – they hung up when the resident told them a definite ‘no’.

Madeley Court, Hemingford Grey, Friday afternoon, 28th April – a resident reported receiving a similar telephone call on Friday afternoon, 28th April from a company wanting to check the security of her windows. Police passed the details to ‘Action Fraud’, the UK national centre for the reporting of fraud and cyber-crime.

Eynesbury Crime:

10/04/2017 19:45 – 11/04/2017 09:45 Fern Court
Unknown offender has kicked the front passenger wing of a Volkswagen Golf causing a dent.

15/04/2017 14:00 – 17/04/2017 11:00 Hardwick Road
Unknown offender/s have tried to gain access to a garage and dented the door.

18/04/2017 21:00 – 19/04/2017 14:30 Sandfields Road
Unknown offender/s have stolen front and rear number plates from a Ford Focus.

26/04/2017 18:00 27/04/2017 13:25 Ridgeway
Unknown offender has removed the front and rear plates from a Rover.

26/04/2017 16:00 – 27/04/2017 18:05 Howitts Gardens
Unknown offender/s have stolen front and rear plates from a Vauxhall Astra.

29/04/2017 20:30 – 30/04/2017 10:30 Montagu Square
Unknown offenders have stolen a motorhome.

If you have any information regarding these crimes or any other crimes please contact Cambridgeshire Police on telephone number 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.