PCSO’s Update

Banks End, Wyton – Thieves stole a ‘Bolens’ ride-on lawn-mower from outside a house at Banks End, Wyton, between midday and 1:00 pm on Tuesday 11th April. The mower had been left unattended whilst its owner left the property for a short time, and during that period it was stolen. A suspicious white van with a brown stripe along its bodywork was seen to back-up to the house during the one hour in question and two men were seen to get out and interfere with the garden gates, and may be connected to the crime.

A14 Westbound – Thieves broke into a lorry parked up in a lay-by on the A14 near Hemingford Grey at some time overnight on Tuesday 11th / Wednesday 12th April. The side-curtain of the lorry’s trailer was drawn back and the cargo inside disturbed. It is thought that items may have been stolen from one of the pallets.

The Thicket – A man walking home to Huntingdon from St Ives along The Thicket footpath very early on Monday morning, 17th April, was assaulted and robbed by possibly two assailants who pushed him to the ground and stole his wallet and i-phone S6. The victim was helped back to St Ives by passers-by who also called an ambulance for him and he was treated in hospital for head injuries. Police searched a length of The Thicket and managed to recover bank cards from the stolen wallet, and investigations are continuing.

Westbrook, Hilton – An attempt appears to have been made to break into the home of an elderly resident of Westbrook, Hilton, at some time between Thursday 13th and Monday 17th April. The lock on the front door of the house was interfered with by an unknown person who prised up the cover and attempted to remove a screw. However, the lock was not opened and the house was not entered.

A14 Westbound – Police were called to a collision involving two cars on the westbound A14 near Hemingford Grey at 4:40 pm on Monday 17th April. Fortunately no injuries were reported and the two cars were safely removed from the scene by recovery services.

Suspicious Behaviour:

Police received two reports of suspicious behaviour in The Hemingfords district this week:

  • Weir Road, Hemingford Grey – Wednesday 12th April – a white Ford transit van was spotted driving on Weir Road with two men inside. The van was seen to stop several times, once by a skip which the men got out to have a look at. They were also seen knocking on the doors of several houses on the road. The van’s registration number was passed to police for investigation.
  • High Street, Hemingford Grey – Thursday 13th April – two males with black hold-alls were seen going house to house, cold-calling and offering items for sale. The report mentions that the men were abusive when politely told to go away. Police searched the area but no-one matching the description was found.

Between 19:00 hrs on 17/04/2017 and 08:00 hrs on 18/04/2017. Milton Country Park, Milton.
Unknown offender have forced entry into the visitor centre and have removed a safe.

Between 18:00 hrs on 17/07/2017 and 09:30 hrs on 18/04/2017. Spaldings Lane, Landbeach.
Unknown offender has removed the front and rear number plates from a Silver VW Golf which was parked on the driveway to a house.

Between 21:00 hrs on 11/04/2017 and 10:35 hrs on 17/04/2017. Duck End, Girton.
Unknown offender has taken a locked child’s Rabeneick cycle from the rear cycle port of a house.

Between 17:00 hrs on 13/04/2017 and 10:15 hrs on 18/04/2017. Aster Way, Orchard Park.
Unknown offender has forced entry into a locked garage and taken a gents Boardman cycle.

At 20:38 hrs on 11/04/2017. Old Pavilion, Cambridge Road, Waterbeach.
Unknown offenders have painted a graffiti tag at the skate park.

Between 13:15 hrs on 17/04/2017 and 11:00 hrs on 18/04/2017. Worland Way, Cottenham.
Unknown offender has scratched circles into the front glass windscreen of a silver Renault Clio which was parked in a car park.

Between 12:00 hrs and 17:30 hrs on 18/04/2017. Overcote Road, Over.
Unknown offender has accessed the garden and taken petrol containers.

Between 22:00 hrs on 18/04/2017 and 07:00 hrs on 19/04/2017. Foxs Close, Milton.
Unknown offender has smashed the window of a turquoise Vauxhall Corsa and has taken a rucksack which was left on display on the back seat.

Between 16:00 hrs on 14/04/2017 and 10:00 hrs on 18/04/2017. Stonefield, Bar Hill.

Unknown offender has damaged and gained entry into a shed through the felt roof.

Between 20:00 hrs on 18/04/2017 and 06:10 hrs on 19/04/2017. Coolidge Gardens, Cottenham.

Unknown offender has gained entry into a locked white Ford Transit van and taken power tools.


18/04/2017 21:15 – 19/04/2017 09:45 Capper Road, Waterbeach
Offender has caused damage to a car in a communal parking area.

19/04/2017 10:27 – 19/04/2017 10:27 Cross Drove, Waterbeach
Male offender has entered a yard and stolen scrap metal from within.

13/03/2017 08:00 – 13/03/2017 08:00 Long Drove, Waterbeach
Offender has used a grinder to gain access to a container and steal machinery from within.

15/04/2017 19:00 – 19/04/2017 15:30 Scotland Road, Dry Drayton
Offender has forced entry to a shed and stolen 2 lawn mowers from within.

28/03/2017 00:00 – 15/04/2017 00:00 Stevensons Road, Longstanton
Offender has taken a car without permission whilst the owner was on holiday, the car has been recovered by the owner.

20/04/2017 03:00 – 20/04/2017 03:37 Cody Road, Waterbeach
Officers have arrested a male in possession of stolen items, cannabis and items that may be used to break into cars.

19/04/2017 20:00 – 20/04/2017 07:00 Pritchard Walk, Waterbeach
Offender has stolen a wallet from a van.

19/04/2017 17:00 – 20/04/2017 07:30 Oakington Road, Cottenham
Offenders have stolen a portaloo from a building site.

19/04/2017 18:20 – 20/04/2017 03:37 Spurgeons Avenue, Waterbeach
Offenders have gained entry to a car and searched items within.

If you have any information which may assist with the investigation into these crimes please call 101, reply to this message or call crime stoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.