PCSO’s Update

Between 10:00 hrs on 13/02/2017 and 14:50 hrs on 16/02/2017 unknown offender has climbing over the garden side wall with ladders and forcing open the rear garage door and taken boxes containing various items from the High Street, Over. CF0086530217. 

At 05:30 hrs on 05/02/2017 unknown offender has smashed a window of a Black Skoda Octavia and taken items that were left on display in Flack End, Orchard Park. CF0086600217.

At 23:05 hrs on 16/02/2017 unknown offenders have attempted to gain entry into a building and have smashed a window and cause damage to a fire exit door in Viking Way, Bar Hill.

CF0087450217. Detectives from Huntingdonshire are investigating a residential burglary that took place between 14:45 pm and 20:30 pm on Wednesday 15th February 2017 at Elm Drive, Offord Cluny. The occupants returned home to find that their UPVC kitchen door had been removed and a tidy search completed with the main focus being the jewellery.

The burglary happened between 17:30 pm on Wednesday 15th February 2017 and 09:30 am on Thursday 16th February 2017 at Park Road, Buckden. The occupants returned home to discover the rear patio doors had been smashed. A tidy search had been completed with the main focus being the jewellery.

The burglary happened Orchard Way, Offord Cluny. The burglary is believed to have occurred between Wednesday 15th February 2017 and Thursday 16th February 2017. The offenders have jemmied open the front door and conducted a tidy search inside.

Date Occurred: 17/02/2017 19:10 – 17/02/2017 23:00
Location: The Brambles, Girton, Cambs
Description: Unknown offenders have entered the address through an upstairs window, and taken several items before leaving through the conservatory at the back of the address.


Date Occurred: 17/02/2017 16:00 – 18/02/2017 10:00 Location: Alice Way, Histon
Description: Unknown offenders have removed the Front and rear number plate stolen from a white Volvo V40 whilst left parked overnight.

Date Occurred: 11/02/2017 01:00 – 18/02/2017 21:50
Location: Dunstal Field, Cottenham Description: An unknown offender has gained entry and stolen tools out of a white Nissan pick up whilst parked at offence location.


Date Occurred: 18/02/2017 20:30 – 18/02/2017 20:45

Location: Coolidge Gardens, Cottenham Description: Five male suspects have used a crowbar to try and break into the back of a parked and unattended works van to steal the work tools inside. Entry was not gained. Nothing stolen.


Date Occurred: 19/02/2017 06:00
Location: Sweetpea Way, Orchard Park Description: At stated time an unknown male has smashed the front nearside window to the a gold coloured V W Passatt.


Date Occurred: 18/02/2017 16:00 – 19/02/2017 09:00

Location: High Street, Milton Description: Unknown offender(s) have tried to gain entry into the garage which is at the rear of home address.


Date Occurred: 18/02/2017 22:30 – 19/02/2017 07:00
Location: Central Avenue, Orchard Park
Description: An unknown offender has smashed the passenger front window of a black Citroen and stolen a coat with a bank card in the pocket.


Date Occurred: 18/02/2017 23:30 – 19/02/2017 08:30

Location: Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill Description: Overnight an unknown offender has damaged a Audi A8 by scratching the offside rear door and wheel arch.


Date Occurred: 18/02/2017 19:30 – 19/02/2017 11:35

Location: Corbett Street, Cottenham Description: Unknown offenders have smashed a rear window to a Nissan and stolen an air rife from inside.

19/02/2017 06:00 – 19/02/2017 06:00
Sweetpea Way, Orchard Park Offender has smashed front near side window to a vehicle taking a bag that was visible from within.

18/02/2017 16:00 – 19/02/2017 09:00
High Street, Milton Offender have tried to gain entry into a garage by bending the door and damaging the frame.

18/02/2017 22:30 – 19/02/2017 07:00
Central Avenue, Orchard Park Offender has smashed the passenger front window of vehicle and stolen a coat with a bank card in the pocket from inside.

18/02/2017 23:30 – 19/02/2017 08:30
Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill  Overnight unknown offender has damaged a car by scratching it. Car was parked in the drive at home address.

18/02/2017 22:00 – 19/02/2017 06:00
Chieftain Way, Orchard Park
Offender has smashed a window of a vehicle stealing sun glasses from within.

18/02/2017 19:30 – 19/02/2017 11:35
Corbett Street, Cottenham Offenders have smashed rear window of a vehicle and stolen items from within.

19/02/2017 23:25 – 19/02/2017 23:32
Ermine Street, Papworth Everard Offenders have forced open rear doors of a shop and cut through roller shutter with angle grinder and once inside have stolen cigarettes and cash.

19/02/2017 12:00 – 20/02/2017 07:15
Chequers Lane, Papworth Everard Offenders have stolen a tractor from the recreation ground.

If you have any information which may assist with the investigation into these crimes then please call 101 or call crime stoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.