PCSO’s Update

Occurred at Travelodge in Orchard Park at 10.36am on 30/11/16 where damage was caused : – CF0554951116

Occurred at Catch Hall Farm Cottages, Huntingdon Road, Girton, between 11am on 29/11/16 and midnight on 30/11/16 where a garage door was forced and heating oil taken: – CF0555921116

Occurred at Weavers Field, Girton between 6pm and 6.15pm on 30/11/16 where persons have entered a premises by smashing a rear window :- CF055634111

Occurred at High Street Fen Ditton, between 3.30pm on 29/11/16 and 8am on 30/11/16 where a Renault Megane was entered and a dash cam removed: – CF0554821116

Occurred at Fowlmere Road Thriplow, between 5pm on 30/11/16 and 7am on 01/12/16 where doors to a garage have been opened by removing a lock and screws, and a trolley breaker was removed:- CF0556571216

This occurred at Hollytrees Bar Hill, reported at 4.27pm on 01/12/16 where a door to an attached garage has been damaged: – CF0558101216

If you think you saw anything that may assist us in identifying the offender(s) please call 101 and quote the relevant CF number from above.

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