Evidence Based Policing Model

South Cambridgeshire Policing Team are introducing an Evidence Based Policing Model in order to ensure that we are appropriately targeting those areas that are most affected by crime. The Evidence Based Poling Model is based on research, enabling our officers to make rational, evidence-based decisions while patrolling and carrying out investigations. The result is that the policing provided in one part of South Cambridgeshire will look very different to the policing in another area. The reason for this is that the types of offences vary within different locations along with the number of offences that are committed.

Local Policing is provided by a team of officers that are known to most of you as the “Problem Solving Team”, consisting of a team of Sergeants, Police Constables and Police Community Support Officers. The same team and officers remain in place but will now be known as the “Prevention and Partnership Team”. Some of you will now have a different member of the team as your primary point of contact. Over the next couple of week, all officers will be making contact with the schools, parish councils, Neighbourhood Watch Groups and other organisations within their area to reintroduce the team and can answer any questions that you have about the model.

If you have any further questions, please attend one of the South Cambridgeshire Police Panel Meetings that have been scheduled for the 18th, 19th and 20th of October. Both myself and Chief Inspector James Sutherland will be on hand to discuss the model and the benefits that it will bring to our policing area.
Full details will be sent out via e-cops.

Kind regards,

Jayne Drury

Insp 1892 Jayne Drury
Safer Neighbourhoods Manager
South Cambs
Tel 101 ext 3928

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