Door to Door Salesmen

We have recently received reports of Door to Door salesmen in the area that have been causing some residents concern. Please see the information below regarding this issue.

Pedlars – It is illegal to sell door to door without a pedlars licence. Door to door pedlars can cause alarm to residents as people fear that they may be “casing” or “eyeing up” your home. The truth is that the majority of pedlars are young people who are duped into buying stock, then driven around by a gang master to sell door to door. They are often unaware of the legal requirement to have a licence. People falling for this scam can have fallen on hard times, and can often look unkempt or not appear to be very good sales people, thus suspicious. Whilst people continue to buy from them, they will return to an area. The best thing to-do as a community is to politely decline door step sales.

Door to door sales people – These are people who are trying to general leads for a business or charity.  Police advice again is that you do not buy or sell at your door, but many nationally recognised and reputable firms will send people door to door to generate sales leads. As with pedlars these persons can be young people who have struggled to find other employment and without any disrespect to them, may appear unkempt and not behave like you’d expect a sales persons to act, thus again being suspicious to many residents.

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