Distraction Burglary

Please be aware of a recent Distraction Burglary incident that occurred 13/11/2017 between 12:30 – 12:40 hrs. at Hauxton Road, Little Shelford.

The householder discovered a male in the property who claimed to be from the waterboard.
The male spent some time distracting the householder while two further males searched upstairs.  The male was described as white 21-40ys, 5″8 – 5″10, with short curly brown hair.
The householder became suspicious and called for help in the street, the males then left the property.

Always make sure you have secured any back or side doors before you answer the door to callers.
The ‘waterboard’ does not exist so be suspicious of any caller mentioning this, it will typically be Cambridge Water or Anglian Water in this area.
Use a side window, or spy-hole to check callers identity before letting them in. Genuine tradespeople or utility workers will not mind waiting while you make some checks.
Many utility companies will offer customers passwords so they can be re-assured the employee is genuine.
Always use the contact number on your bill, not a number given to you by a caller.
Call 999 if you are suspicious.

Not Sure? Don’t Open the Door

You will have much more control if you keep the door shut, until you are happy the caller is who they say they are.

Please look out for any elderly/ vulnerable residents in your community, crimes such as these are rare but can have a great impact on an individual.