Distraction Burglary

Last week, there was a report of a distraction burglary in Pitfield Close, Fenstanton.

Unknown person(s) have stated there was a burst water pipe and needed to gain entry to the property. Be wary of person(s) not presenting authentic identification when requesting to enter properties to check water mains and or electric meters. Any legitimate Company will be more than willing to provide authentic identification and wait whilst this is being confirmed.

We received a similar incident in Hemingford Grey, however this was not reported to Police.

We would very much like to hear from anyone that may be able to provide us with any information in connection with the above crimes. If you, or know of anyone that may have CCTV that may be able to assist Police with progressing enquiries, please do call us on 101.

Please be vigilant at all times. If you have any suspicions, please call it into Police on 101 or in an emergency always dial 999. Police would urge residents to call Police regarding any suspicious activity we would prefer to receive that call and it turns out to be nothing as opposed to not receiving a call at all and then learning of a crime that has been committed.

If you do believe that person(s) are acting suspiciously, always endeavour to keep a note pad and pen handy, in order to take down a vehicle registration number, make, model, descriptions of person(s) involved. Always make sure that you do not place yourself in any potential danger whilst doing this. If possible take a photograph of possible vehicles/person(s) involved.

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