Distraction Burglary

Please be aware there has been a recent distraction burglary reported in Girton. The crime took place 19/08/16 but was not reported until 23/08/16.

Two males claiming to be plumbers called at an address in Thornton Court.
The males entered via an insecure communal door and called on a resident claiming they were working on a nearby property, and needed to access the resident’s stop cock to turn off the water.  Neither male showed any form of I.D.  The resident invited the males into the property, however one male remained outside in the communal area.  The resident showed the male into the property where he looked for the stop cock. The males then invited the resident to see the ‘work’ they were doing at the nearby property. This was declined and the males then left. No items were stolen.

The males are described as follows:
Male 1: White age 20-30 yrs 5ft 8″, wearing greasy overalls, English accent, medium length light colour hair.
Male 2: White age 20’s to early 30’s, taller than male 1, wearing dungarees with paint splashes on, English accent, hair light colour, medium length.

Not sure? Don’t open the door

Please be vigilant if you are called on by anyone dressed as/ posing as a utility worker, or wearing high visibility clothing.

Always keep your door shut, or use a door-chain if you have one until you are satisfied the callers are genuine.

Don’t call a number the caller has given you, check your utility bill for the emergency number.

If you feel threatened or suspicious contact the police on 999

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