Distraction Burglaries

Police are linking incidents that occurred on Tuesday 20th September in Maze Road, Hilton and Pitfield Close, Fenstanton:

Maze Road, Hilton – At around 5:30 pm on Tuesday 20th September, a resident of Maze Road disturbed two male intruders who had entered his house and were about to climb the stairs. The men fled, taking with them as they left a pair of the victim’s trousers containing his wallet and keys. A neighbour observed them getting into a blue BMW car, in which a third man was already sitting, and then drove away.

Police are linking this theft with an attempted distraction burglary in Pitfield Close, Fenstanton, at around 6:00 pm on the same day, Tuesday 20th September, in which a blue BMW was also observed. In this incident, two men purporting to be from ‘the Water Board’ managed to persuade an elderly resident to let them into her house. However, a vigilant neighbour raised the alarm and they left empty-handed.

Police have now received a report via Neighbourhood Watch of a suspiciously similar incident that took place in Weir Road, Hemingford Grey on the same day, Tuesday 20th September. A man knocked at the door of an elderly couple’s house, saying he needed to come into the kitchen because of a water emergency, and was let in. Meanwhile, a second man also entered the property and went into a different room. When the couple realised and shouted, the men both left and drove away in a blue car.

Please be aware of this method tricksters use to gain entry to your house. There is no such organisation as ‘the Water Board’ anymore. Any genuine employee of a water utility (or gas, or electricity) will carry identification and will be very happy for you to check it before you open your door.

Police have asked that anyone with any information about any of these incidents should contact the Burglary Team by emailing them at

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