Burglar Jailed

A BURGLAR who stole items including jewellery from a property in Alconbury has been jailed.

Wally Allgood, 39, broke into the property in Rusts Lane on April 8 2016 after smashing a window to gain entry.

Officers discovered a small amount of blood at the scene and forensic examination led them to arrest Allgood, of Queens Gardens St Neots. He initially denied involvement in the burglary, but later pleaded guilty to the offence and six others that were taken into consideration.

Allgood appeared at Peterborough Crown Court today (May 23) and was jailed for 3 years and 10 months.

Detective Inspector Bryan Driver said: “Allgood used anything he could find to smash windows and force entry into people’s homes to steal their property. He committed these crimes in order to fund his drug habit and had no thoughts for the vulnerability and upset he caused to his victims.

“The sentenced passed serves as a warning to anyone committing this despicable crime, that we will track you down and prosecute you.”

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