185th anniversary

This weekend is the 185th anniversary of the Special Constabulary.

In the 12 months to March this year, Specials worked nearly 10,000 shifts in Cambridgeshire, amounting to just over 66,000 hours of duty.

To celebrate the anniversary, we spoke to our longest serving Special, Phil Hill, who has been volunteering for more than 37 years.

When he first started he was given his uniform on a Tuesday, was sworn in two days later and was helping police a football match at the weekend.

He’d had no training but was handed a truncheon, pair of handcuffs and a whistle.

Read the full story here http://www.cambs-police.co.uk/news/newsitem.asp?NewsID=9315
Or for more information about becoming a Special, visit here http://www.cambs-police.co.uk/recruitment/specials/

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