NHW Graveley – Theft from Garage

NHW Alert – Daytime theft – Graveley – 11th January 2019

I received an email yesterday afternoon from Mike Biss of 1 Fieldings Place detailing a theft from their garage last Friday afternoon (11th January).

3 items stolen:-

Suzuki Outboard Motor DP2.5 Black.  14Kg

Leisure 12v 110Ah Battery Numax CXV31MF black. 24Kg

Ecosmo Folding Bike 20″ wheels, white frame, black handlebars, luggage rack and saddle, aluminium mudguards. 15Kg

Mike writes:

I had raised the roller door about 1m from the ground to admit more light into the garage whilst I was popping in and out to collect tools materials etc for the job I was doing inside the house. I did not notice the theft until I was putting everything away about 6pm.  These items are heavy, very awkward to carry and have a combined weight of circa 53Kg so a vehicle must have been involved in or near Fieldings Place. Many other items of higher value were not touched.

I’m sure that Mike is not alone in leaving a garage door open when undertaking household maintenance; a salutary lesson for those living in view of a public road to keep garage doors and sheds closed to reduce the risk of falling victim to opportunistic scrotes!

If any villagers noted any suspicious activity between midday and 6pm Friday afternoon please contact Mike and Katie Biss at 1 Fieldings Place, Graveley or if prefered contact the police directly by calling 101 and quoting the crime no 35/2647/19.

If any resident’s are member’s of other surrounding village Facebook groups (Eltisely, Offord, Papworth St Agnes, Toseland, Yelling etc) would you please re-post.

Many Thanks

Chris Bentley

NHW coordinator