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Village Pharmacy Box

Dear all
We are emailing to let you know of a new initiative in Graveley. A Graveley Village Pharmacy box is being set up to help with collecting prescriptions. A similar scheme has been running for some years in Eltisley and it was felt in the current climate of social isolation and distancing due the Covid 19 and with a high level demand being place on Papworth Pharmacy that this would be a useful service to the village.

How the Scheme will work

· Once a week on a Wednesday a volunteer will go to Papworth Surgery and collect prescriptions that are in the Graveley village pharmacy box and they will be delivered to your home address.

· In terms of delivery please note the following:
· Medication will only be delivered to the named recipient or adult family member
· If no one is in the medication won’t be posted through your letter box but a note would be left for you to call the volunteer to rearrange delivery
· Social distancing will be observed!

· In order to take part in this scheme you will need to order your repeat prescription through to Papworth Pharmacy by the Wednesday before you require your prescription (as at the moment the pharmacy requires at least 7 days notice) and you need to state that you would like your prescription to go into the Graveley Village box. Without stating this the prescription will be held at the pharmacy as normal until you collect it.

· Initially this scheme will run for Graveley residents who are recognised by the NHS as being eligible for FREE prescriptions or those who have a pre payment certificate. This is to negate the need for any monetary transfer by the volunteer. For more information about free prescriptions please see . So for example this would include the following people:
· those over 60 years of age
· those under 16 years of age
· those with a medical exemption certificate
· those with a pre payment certificate

· We hope to make the first Graveley Village box collection on Wednesday 8th April. This means you need to order your repeat prescription by Wednesday 1st April remembering to state that you would like it to go in the Graveley Village Box.

Best wishes
Jo George
Graveley Village Pharmacy Box volunteer
Mobile 07840 540271