Thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging Project

Cambridge Carbon Footprint are once again delighted to offer to residents, and organizations, across Cambridge and South Cambs the opportunity to borrow and learn how to use a thermal imaging camera, for free, to help create more cozy and efficient homes. Learn how to interpret thermal images, to discover draughts, gaps in insulation, heating problems, etc. Having this information is great for deciding on home improvements, and making fixes, both for homeowners and renters.

“really useful tool for assessing the home’s heat loss and for planning improvements” – Borrower

The Project also encourages individuals or organizations to undertake training to survey multiple homes. In 2022 a Heydon Parish Councillor borrowed a camera and undertook a survey of 20% of the Village’s homes and intends to do more this year.

Training Sessions:

Four free training sessions will take place online from 7:00-8:30 pm on: Wed 1 Nov, Thu 14 Dec, Mon 22 Jan, Thu 29 Feb

Camera Borrowing:

We only lend cameras to people already trained.   Bookings for cameras will open on 1st Nov, after the training session. Free Loans of 14 cameras will start on Fri 3rd November, till early April:
Each loan: Fri pm to Mon am, or Mon pm to Fri am, from 14 volunteer camera hosts around South Cambs and Cambridge City. See Map.