St Ives Greenway

Notice from the Greater Cambridge Partnership:

Share your views on improvements to the St Ives Greenways now open

We have launched an eight-week public consultation on improving links to the St Ives Greenway (Cambridgeshire Guided Busway path) from Fen Drayton, Over, Oakington, Westwick and Cottenham.

We encourage anyone with an interest to share their views on the proposed designs. Have your say by visiting the consultation website or attending our virtual events linked below.

These two St Ives Greenway projects will provide safer and better routes for people walking, cycling and, where appropriate, horse-riding.

The consultation begins today – midday, 6th February – and closes at midday on Friday 31st March.

Your feedback will be considered as part of further design and planning work and ongoing engagement with landowners along the route.

To find out more and share your views with us please visit the following websites:

Flooding on the route

It is well known that the main busway route is liable to flooding in the Fen Drayton lakes area and we are working to address this as part of the St Ives Greenway project.

To design the best long-term solution, we have installed flood monitoring equipment that will collect data on flooding locations, extents, duration and depth over the next 18 months.

The data this provides will help us to make informed proposals on the best approach to prevent flooding of the route in future as our climate changes.

Attend an event

There will be two virtual events on Thursday 2nd March:

The engagement we are launching today is part of a rolling programme across the 12 Greenways routes in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire, following engagement last year on six other greenway routes.

This will give communities an opportunity to shape how each will look, aiming to provide better walking and cycling connections, and cater to equestrians where appropriate.