Message received from Great Gransden Parish Council:

You are cordially invited to attend the above public meeting on Thursday 23 February 2023, at 7.30 pm, at Little Gransden Village Hall (SG19 3DP).  The attendance can also be via Zoom, the link for which will be provided beforehand.

Since February 2022 our rural and quiet countryside has been spoilt with the introduction of large numbers of passenger and freight aircraft, day and night. There is no respite from this audible and visible blight and it causes disturbance and distress to many in the area as a direct result of the imposition of the poorly considered programme, AD6.

As well as other Southern regions, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire have been significantly affected.  It is clear that the consultation process was deeply flawed.

Firstly, it was run during the covid shutdown and the two options were not meaningful and did not offer a real choice. Data provided to the public was inaccurate and mainly focused on Stacking which is a  major contributor to aviation pollution as by design, flight times are lengthened, even though alternate options and technical advancements exist to help avoid this. It lacked thorough council consultations. For instance South Cambridgeshire District Council was not consulted as the programme sponsors overlooked the real impact of flights below 6000ft to the rural areas covered by this council.  The consultation materials were impenetrable and lacked fuller environmental impact analysis. No pre-implementation background noise levels were measured from the affected rural areas.

I draw your attention to the attachment in which our MP Anthony Browne has addressed the error of judgement on the assumption that  background noise increase  in the countryside would be the same as in built-up areas .

Consequential impact of AD6 was not disclosed, such as the increased use of the region’s airspace that was nothing to do with Luton or Stansted. Night flights in particular were not mentioned. The howling and screeching noise of the jets braking for a quick descent were deliberately omitted from all data analysis – which has been highlighted by aviation experts demonstrating the poor design of AD6 by requiring rapid “scrubbing of altitude” and direction from the airline operators to their pilots to perform this action which is acknowledged as bad practice.

Since March 2022, our local authority representatives  have tried to meet and address the public complaints  with the programme sponsors, London Luton Airport; NATS, and the oversight body, the CAA. It is quite apparent that these bodies have refused to engage constructively and deal with residents, councillors or MPs complaints. We find this very frustrating as,  unfortunately,  complaints are handled by those proposing the change, i.e. marking their own homework which is wholly inappropriate and unethical.

The 12 month post implementation review period runs out on 31 May 2023.

Will complaints be dealt with honestly and weighted according to the true impact felt by those negatively affected?

A number of protest groups against this change in flight path for Luton Approach have been formed, please find also attached the leaflet that RELAS (Reject Luton Airport Stacking) have devised in regards to this public meeting. There will be presentations on the latest findings, analysis and public objections registered with the councils. Our locals MPs, Anthony Browne, Jonathan Djonogly and Lucy Frazer propose to attend either in person or via Zoom . Please join us for more information to hear how the affected residents under the flight path are in despair and distressed. We have reports of  cases with health conditions attributed to the noise nuisance from aircraft braking at low altitudes. The public are attending to seek help and assistance from their representatives. We are pleading for a collective and collaborative action from MPs and Councillors in urging the programme sponsors to re-design AD6.