Aircraft Disturbance

In his September & October reports District Councillor Peter Sandford wrote that approximately 30% of all flights on approach to London Luton Airport (LLA) use the approved South Cambridgeshire landing route with stacking looping to the North of Papworth Everard and directly over Elsworth, Graveley, Eltisley and Croxton.  LLA Flight Operations require aircraft to stay within 7000ft to 8000ft when making their approaches over South Cambridgeshire and to reduce their air speed, giving rise to additional noise heard from the ground caused by the rapid deceleration of aircraft deploying their airbrakes shortly after turning onto the Luton approach path. In February 2023, there will be a Post Implementation Review when LLA will submit all of the complaints it has received and other data to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  Those affected can submit their complaints online or by email , or call the flight operations line +44 (0)1582 395382 (message service). Complaints can be made in relation to a specific flight or general disturbance. LLA recommend using the tracking tool embedded in their web page with height information adjusted for local conditions rather than using other flight tracking apps.  Cllr Sandford encourages anyone with concerns to make their complaints, going onto say that when the flightpath arrangements are reviewed in February residents’ complaints will carry most weight. In this Graveley Parish Council urges affected residents to make their representation.