Love 20mph

20mph Speed Limit Consultation

Graveley Parish Council is proposing to reduce the speed limit across the whole village. A 20mph limit would provide the following benefits:

  • Road conditions that encourage and allow for more people to use sustainable transport, such as walking and cycling, which has associated health and wellbeing benefits
  • Easier conditions for pedestrians to cross the road, particularly for children or the elderly
  • A reduced amount of road noise generated by traffic
  • Improved traffic flow and safety, as it flows more smoothly through junctions at lower speeds
  • Reduced severity of injuries sustained as a result of road accidents: according to the road safety charity ROSPA, studies have found that a pedestrian struck at 20mph has a 97% chance of survival; at 30mph the chances of survival fall to 80%.

If there is sufficient support for this proposal, Graveley Parish Council will apply to Cambridgeshire County Council to reduce the speed limit to 20mph across the whole village.

Please respond to this consultation by clicking this link: 20mph Speed Limit Consultation