Stay Stronger for Longer

We all want to continue to share our lives with loved ones as we get older, playing with grandchildren and socializing with friends. Simple strength and balance exercises twice a week are proven to keep you stronger for longer independent and enjoying the great things in life, either by joining a class or doing something at home.

‘Stay stronger for longer’ is a new campaign for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough that highlights how simple strength and balance exercises just twice a week can help older people reduce their risk of falling and to keep doing the things they enjoy. The campaign encourages older people to join local classes or access home programmes online.

For more information on local classes and activities visit –

The ‘Stay stronger for Longer’ campaign has been developed by Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council working alongside local NHS health partners.


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Download: Stay Stronger for Longer (63 KB)