Graveley Speed Monitoring

Too all Parishioners in Graveley village, you may have noticed recently that we have installed a speed monitoring device in the village (m-sid Vario). This is to further support our speed calming project throughout the village following the installation last year of the white gates at all entry points to the village. The device was funded by the A14 community fund project with a grant of £5,724.

It is a fact that radar-driven speed displays slow down traffic. This positive effect can be attributed to the display’s ability to alert drivers with responsive messages wherever the device is deployed (entrance to villages, private sites, residential areas).

The Speed Signs are dot-matrix displays that are able to show speeds driven as well as individual bitmaps, which is an additional benefit. Speed displays offer speed and time triggered bitmaps (such as smileys) and short text messages. Morelock Signs provides a full range of speed displays for all applications. The unit also records the data, this data can be downloaded to support future evidence for further measures in the future.

We have three locations identified in the village for the installation of the device, the unit is battery powered and has to be moved around the village every four weeks as part of the terms and conditions of use.

Please find details attached on the device for your perusal:

I am sure you can appreciate that the management of such a device does take some commitment of time, this is currently being managed by myself on behalf of the village, if you would be interested in supporting me with this I am looking for some volunteers that would be willing to takeover the management of moving this around the village / replacing the battery etc. (Team of two people required with some steps). Please let me know if you are interested in supporting this very important project for our village.

Kind Regards

Steve Fairclough


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Download: m-sid-vario (916 KB)