Bonfires and Barbecues

Dear All,

As we enter the summer months in Graveley, please be considerate to your neighbours when having a bonfire or barbecue, also be aware of the safety risks associated to this by surrounding buildings and thatched cottages in the village, below are some guidelines to follow:-

Bonfires and barbecues
Garden bonfires are usually lit to dispose of garden waste but always create smoke which adds to air pollution, particularly at a local level, and which will contribute to the general background level. Bonfire smoke can cause problems for asthmatics, bronchitis sufferers, and people with heart conditions, and frequently cause a nuisance to neighbours by preventing them from enjoying their gardens, opening windows or hanging washing out. Any bonfire is a potential safety risk and can spread to fences or garden buildings, and piles of garden waste are often used as a refuge by animals, especially hedgehogs. It is not always necessary to light a bonfire, and garden waste can be disposed of in various other ways.

Bonfire guidelines
If a bonfire is the only practicable option for disposing of garden waste, please follow these guidelines to avoid causing nuisance:
only burn dry material and never burn household rubbish, rubber tyres, or anything containing plastic, foam or paint
don’t use old engine oil, meths or petrol to light the fire. Choose a day when the wind will disperse the smoke quickly, but not blow it into your neighbour’s garden – check the weather forecast.
See also published by GOV.UK

Barbecues can easily cause annoyance through smoke and cooking smells so think of your neighbours:
Tell your neighbours about the barbecue, or invite them
Site the barbecue so the wind blows smoke away from your neighbours
Don’t light the barbecue when neighbours have their washing out
By following these simple tips you can help avoid unnecessary conflict and keep your barbecue fun for all involved!

Thank you everyone.