Courier Fraud

Please be aware a recent incident of ‘Courier Fraud’ or ‘Police impersonator scam’  that has been reported in a neighbouring policing area.

This is a scam which involves fraudsters phoning individuals pretending to be a police officer. Often, the caller claims a criminal has been arrested with a substantial sum of money on them and a list of names and addresses, including that of the victim’s on the other end of the phone. Other cases involve claims of fraud on the victim’s bank account.

Scammers usually then suggest the victim calls their bank or the police to confirm their details. Although the victim hangs up the phone, the caller stays on the line to prevent the call from being terminated. As a result, the victim then starts talking to the fraudster again, thinking they have called their bank or the police.

During the conversation, the offender usually says that they will need to examine the victim’s bank card, and take their PIN number in case it has been compromised, and that a courier will come to collect the card.

A smartly dressed individual then arrives at the victim’s home, the card is taken and the PIN number used to withdraw cash.

To prevent this from happening, our advice would be to:

·        hang up if you ever have any doubts about someone phoning you – ensure the line has been terminated and ring back on an official number

·        never give out your PIN number – banks will never ask for it over the phone

·        never give bank cards to anyone at your door even if they say they’re from the bank

·        Further information can be found at:  Tel: 0300 123 2040

If you have information relating to this type of crime, please call 101 or report online via our website