Another Scam

Local officers in South Cambridgeshire have been to visit two recent victims of what appears to be a scam.
Incidents were reported 17TH & 18th May with a similar scenario.
One victim received a call from a female claiming to be an employee of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs the female stated the victim owed £4,000 and if payment was not made police officers would be attending their home to arrest them and seize cards and bank account details.  The victim was told that if the payment was not made then Police officers would be at the address within 45-60 mins. to arrest them, and seize bank cards etc.
The female going by the name of Susan Brown also asked the victim for their Social security number, which was not disclosed. The victim was also told the call was being recorded and would be used in court. The female was described as unprofessional and confrontational.

In the second incident a victim received a call from someone claiming to be from HMRC, the caller said the victim’s partner owed £3,200 in unpaid tax.  The male caller was described as threatening and demanded that payment be made immediately. The victim was told that if payment was not made then the police would visit and conduct an arrest. Threats were also made in relation to removing the car, confiscating a driving licence, and closing the bank account of the victim’s partner.
Both victims were vulnerable due to their health and or age.
Fortunately neither victim gave out any personal information, or agreed to make a payment.
The advice is never give out personal details / bank account details over the phone to an organisation you cannot verify is genuine.
If you are suspicious or have concerns that the caller is a fraudster, you can contact the police, or report the details to Action Fraud.

Action Fraud Tel: 0300 123 2040
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