NHW – Rural Crime Update – 16/05/18


Latest crime report in the St Neots Rural area.

There have been 2 reports of Rowdy/Nuisance behaviour in Buckden with both issues dealt with by the Police.

There has been two thefts also in Buckden, forced entry into a tack room on the Great North Road has resulted in 7 expensive saddles taken.

A leaf blower has been stolen from local workers whilst mowing the lawn near to the A1 and High Street Buckden, the blower was put down whilst the lawn was being mowed and a male in a black hatchback stopped and helped himself to the leaf blower.

A barn has been entered in Hail Weston and a battery stolen.

There have also been 3 incidents of suspicious circumstances, a young female has been approached by a male in Offord Cluny.

Two vehicles have parked outside the kennels in Tilbrook, one alleged to have broken down but both cars made off without any issues.

Finally, a property in Main Road, Little Gransden has had its electric gates tampered with, the gate seems to have been forced and when the gate did not open the mechanisms have been opened and tampered with. Security and crime prevention have been provided to the owner and patrols are taking place in and around the property.

Please be aware of scams and remember if it seems to good to be true, it probably is let us know if you have won the Pacific Lottery, or the Canadian millions or maybe you have won thousands in a draw you have never entered, I will be happy to hear from you and advise accordingly.

Many thanks and please keep reporting in any suspicious circumstances.