NHW – General crime prevention – Keyless car thefts – 18/06/18

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Criminals are able to steal keyless cars by using relay technology to not only unlock them but also to steal them. They tend to target high powered or otherwise desirable vehicles.

Although we haven’t seen significant reports of this type in Cambridgeshire, it is something that is on the rise nationally. It works by intercepting the signal that is given off by a key fob.
These crimes are usually perpetrated by two individuals – one who picks up the signal of the fob, whilst the other relays the signal to the victim’s vehicle. The necessary equipment is usually purchased online at minimal cost.

Owners of high value or otherwise desirable vehicles are advised to take extra precautions:
1. If you have a garage, don’t use it as a storage area, clear it out and keep your vehicle safe inside.
2. If you park your vehicle on the street or driveway, consider if there are other after-market security products you could use such as a steering lock.
3. If you have gates securing your driveway, keep them closed and locked,
4. Never leave your keys on show or near a door.
5. Consider purchasing a Defender signal blocker for your key fob (available atwww.defendersignalblocker.co.uk). This is a Secure By Design product and as such, has met a certain criteria and can therefore be recommended by the police. This simple device is essentially a small, shielded wallet that the key fob is placed into. For more information about this product see: http://ow.ly/1hg630kycDr

Lee Hurley (7293)
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