PCSO’s Update

On the 03/05/2016 3 unknown youths have caused damage to a woven fence panel in South Park Drive.

Between the 06/05/2016 and the 07/05/2016 an unknown offender has removed a motor home from a driveway in on Ermine Street North, Papworth Everard.

Between the 07/05/2016 and the 08/07/2016 unknown offenders have caused damage to a red Toyota whilst parked outside an address in Tower Close, Over.

Between the 7th May at 12:30 and 8th May at 15:30hrs, a dwelling burglary took place in Bourneys Manor Close, Willingham. Unknown offender(s) have entered a first floor flat and carried out a search, (no forced entry). Nothing believed to have been taken. CF0189940516 refers.

On the 8th May between 13:00 and 18:45hrs, a theft from a motor vehicle took place in Fen Road, Milton. Unknown offender has smashed the passenger side window and stolen CD’s from the glove box. CF0189960516 refers.

During the night hrs of the 7th and the 8th of May, a theft from a motor vehicle took place in South Road, Impington. Unknown offender has smashed the passenger side window and stolen a purse from the glove box. CF0189150516 refers.

On the 9th of May at 11:23hrs, a theft of pedal cycle took place at Meadows Community Centre, St Catharine’s Road, Impington.  Giant mountains gent’s cycle left locked and secure at location, unknown offender has cut the lock and taken the bike. CF0189750516 refers.

If you have any information which may assist with the investigation into these crimes please call 101, reply to this message or call crime stoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.

PCSO’s Update

For the week of 02/05/2016 to 08/05/2016
During the above period there have been 92 incidents and 17 crimes reported in the West Ward, 5 deemed to affect the community.

2 Theft
Occurred:02/05/2016 10:00 – 02/05/2016 10:00 at a Supermarkets, St Germain Walk

Unknown offender/s have taken a purse out of the victims bag while shopping.

Occurred:03/05/2016 11:15 – 03/05/2016 11:40 at a Supermarkets, Stukeley Road
unknown person/s have taken a purse from inside the victims bag which was left zipped up on a trolley whilst shopping.

1 Theft of a motor vehicle
Occurred:04/05/2016 22:00 – 05/05/2016 03:57 on Ermine Street, Great Stukeley
offender has gained access to a BLACK LEXUS ESTATE  by means unknown and caused the engine to start without the key. The vehicle has been recovered.

1 Theft of a pedal cycle
Occurred:04/05/2016 15:35 – 04/05/2016 15:35 on Brampton Road, Huntingdon
Unknown offender/s have taken the victims cycle that was on the fields next to Hinchingbrooke school.

1 Burglary (shed/garage)
Occurred:07/05/2016 17:00 – 08/05/2016 09:00 on Hinchingbrooke Park Road
Unknown persons have been camoing on site , entered open compound area, canopy , removed footballs from a storage sack and kicked them about, none stolen, no damage.

If you have any information regarding the above crimes, please call 101

If you wish to report a crime you can call Cambridgeshire Constabulary on 101. Alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous you can call
Crime stoppers on 0800 555111. Always call 999 in an emergency

                     HELP KEEP OUR COUNTY SAFE

PCSO’s Update

There have been 3 relevant crimes reported to the Police in the past 24hrs in Histon Sector, please see below.

On May the 6th between the 08:30 and the 15:30 hrs, a theft of pedal cycle took place in Impington Village College, New Road, Impington. Unknown offender has stolen gent’s cycle whilst left locked and secured at the College. Description: Custom made fixed wheel bike, Matt black frame, Red rims, Chain & cogs are red, Red & black seat. CF0186640516 refers.

Between the 04/05/2016 17:30 and 06/05/2016 08:00, a theft from a vehicle took place in High Street, Girton. Unknown offender(s) has gained entry to the rear of a pick-up truck & stolen a number of power tools, (Makita battery drills and grinders). CF0186730516 refers.

Between the 05/05/2016 17:30 and 06/05/2016 22:45, a theft from a vehicle took place in High Street, Cottenham. Unknown offender(s) has stolen the front and rear number plates from a vehicle parked on a private drive way. CF0186980516 refers.
If you have any info in relation to the above crimes, please get in touch.

PCSO’s Update

The following are the recorded crimes for the above period which are deemed to affect the Eynesbury ward.

On Sunday 24/04/2016 at 23:00 hours in Levellers Lane.
Unknown males have removed timber from a commercial site.

Between Friday 29/04/2016 23:55 hours and Saturday 30/04/2016 09:30 hours in Potton Road
Unknown offender/s have slashed a tyre to a Land Rover Discovery.

On Sunday 01/05/2016 between 03:10 and 03:15 hours in Springbrook.
Unknown offender/s have attempted to steal a Quad bike which was chained to a tree.

In the past 24hrs, in the Histon sector, the following relevant crimes have been reported to the police.

Between 09:36 hrs and 09:41 hrs on 28/04/16 unknown offenders have driven off without paying for fuel at Tesco Service Station, Bar Hill. CF0181300516.

Between 16:00 hrs on 28/04/16 and 08:30 hrs on 29/04/16 unknown offenders have caused damage to the lock and door handle of a bird hide at RSPB in Fen Drayton. CF0181060516.

At 20:32 hrs on 30/04/16 unknown offenders have driven off without paying for fuel at Tesco Service Station, Bar Hill. CF0181070516.

Between 10:00 hrs on 30/04/16 and 12:00 hrs on 03/05/16 unknown offenders have taken the number plates from a White Citroën Berlingo van which was parked in Noman Way, Over. CF0181090516.

Between 14:00 hrs on 01/05/16 and 10:00 hrs on 02/05/16 unknown offender has taken a woman’s handbag from inside the Red Lion Pub, High Street, Histon. CF0181040516.

Between 18:00 hrs on 02/05/16 and 07:15 hrs on 03/05/2016 unknown offenders have entered the Recycling Centre, Butt Lane, Milton and taken vehicle batteries. CF0180580516.

Between 11:00 hrs on 02/05/16 and 12:00 hrs on 03/05/16 unknown offender has entered an insecure Black VW Golf and taken a sat nav while it was parked on the driveway to a house in Waterbeach Road, Landbeach. CF0181000516.

Between 14:19 hrs and 14:26 hrs on 02/05/16 unknown offenders have driven off without paying for fuel at Tesco Service Station, Bar Hill. CF0181050516.

At 11:15 hrs on 03/05/16 known offender has been seen to scratch words in the paint work on the side of a car. This offender will be dealt with accordingly. CF0180990516.

Between 08:50 hrs and 15:20 hrs on 03/05/16 unknown offenders have taken a boys Black Raleigh mountain bike from the bike sheds at Waterbeach Primary School, High Street, Waterbeach. CF0181370516.

Between 13:00 hrs and 14:15 hrs on 03/05/16 unknown offenders have taken the number plate from a Grey Ford Fiesta which was parked in Toper Street, Orchard Park. CF0181880516.

We are currently investigating 2 assaults against a female in HUNTINGDON. On WEDNESDAY 27TH APRIL at about 3:20pm, a female has been followed along OXMOOR LANE to ASH CLOSE where she has been assaulted. The victim was targeted by the same offender on a second occasion on the following day at about 4pm in the same area.

The suspect is described a white male, 5’5”, slim build, 17 to 19 years, with messy, greasy brown hair which was above the ear and cleanly shaven. He was wearing a distinctive white coat that covered to the top of the suspect’s thighs. It had two stripes on either sleeve running from the shoulder to cuff and there was purple and brown panels on either side of the coat front running from his under arm to stomach. He was also wearing black trousers and black boots.

Anyone who was in the area at the time, who believes that they know this male, is asked to call DC Tony Harlow on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
For information and advice on personal safety, please visit https://www.cambs.police.uk/crimeprevention/advice/advice.asp?ID=139

In the past 24hrs, in the Histon sector, the following relevant crimes have been reported to the police.

THEFT FROM A SHOP (Unwin Square, Orchard Park)
04/05/2016 09:00 – 04/05/2016 09:02
Suspect has approached shop victim aggressively, flailing his arms and shouting, whilst grabbing at the penny jar and stealing it from the till desk.

THEFT FROM A MOTOR VEHICLE (Villa Road, Impington)
04/05/2016 13:00 – 04/05/2016 14:10
Between stated times on 04/05/16, unknown offender(s) have gained entry, by unknown means, and have stolen a number of tools from within.

Theft from Shed (Park Lane, Dry Drayton)
03/05/2016 14:00 – 04/05/2016 15:00
Between times as stated unknown offenders have gained access to a 20 foot metal shipping container being used as a shed by grinding off the securing padlock. Items removed from within.

THEFT OF A PEDAL CYCLE (Beagle Court, Cottenham)
Unknown offender has stolen bike which had been left locked at bike rack in residents parking area to rear of flats. CLAUD BUTLER
Description:Locked into three gears only. Handle twist gear shift. Quick release wheel. Black plastic mudguards. Suspension front & back. Pad brakes.

THEFT FROM A MOTOR VEHICLE (Oak Crescent, Dry Drayton)
02/05/2016 00:00 – 04/05/2016 21:00
During stated dates and times u/k offender(s) have taken the front and rear number plates from black ford fiesta.

If you have any information regarding these crimes or any other crimes please contact Cambridgeshire Police on telephone number 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

PCSO’s Update

On: Potton Road, Eynesbury

Between: Friday 29/04/2016 at 23:55 hours and Saturday 30/04/2016 at 09:30 hours

Unknown offender/s have slashed a tyre of a Land Rover Discovery parked on a driveway.

On: Offord Road, Graveley
Between: Monday 02/05/16 at 20:00 hours and Tuesday 03/05/16 at 20:15 hours
Unknown offender/s have gained access to the rear doors of five vans, the boot of two cars and the side box of a recovery truck.

On: Howitts Gardens
On: Tuesday 03/05/16 between 18:30 hours and 19:00 hours
Two unknown offender(s) have caused damage to crops on private land using off road dirt bikes.

We have had many reports regarding the motorcyclists driving dangerously around Eynesbury and also on public footpaths and parks. We are trying to identify these males, can you help?

WEEKLY crime update – Little Paxton

On: Lakeside Close
Between: Monday 02/05/16 at 21:00 hours and Tuesday 03/05/16 at 06:00 hours
Unknown offender(s) have gained entry to a white Ford Transit van parked on the roadside and stolen a bag of tools from within.

On: High Street
On: Monday 02/05/16 at 23:30
Unknown offender(s) pushed a white Ford Transit van down a driveway in what they believe was an attempt to get into the back of another works van for tools.

On: Hayling Avenue
Between: Monday 02/05/16 at 22:00 hours and Tuesday 03/05/16 at 06:00 hours
Unknown offender(s) have gained access to a white Ford Transit van and stolen various tools from within

The St Neots area is being targeted at the moment for tool thefts from work vans. To prevent this happening to you we are urging all you to remove the tools from their van overnight.

If you have any information regarding this crime or any other crimes please contact Cambridgeshire Police on telephone number 101 or call CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.

PCSO’s Update

Meadow Lane, Hemingford Grey – Between Monday 11th and Friday 22nd April there were several instances of criminal damage by unknown persons to vehicles awaiting repair or scrapping in a compound here. One male suspect was observed on one occasion, but he fled when approached.

Marsh Lane, Hemingford Grey – Sometime between midday on Friday 15th and 11:30 am on Friday 22nd April, unknown persons entered the back garden of a large detached house here and forced entry into two wooden cabins. The contents of one cabin were disturbed but nothing appears to have been stolen from either cabin.

Potton Road, Hilton – At 8:00 am on Sunday 24th April, police were called to a road traffic collision between a car and a cyclist. Initial reports gave this location, but it was subsequently found to be on the B1040 towards Papworth. The cyclist had sustained some injuries and needed to be taken to hospital by ambulance.

Chapel Close, Hilton – Sometime overnight on Thursday 28th / Friday 29th April, a resident’s car left parked on the roadside was criminally damaged by being scratched along the passenger’s side by unknown persons.

Weir Road, Hemingford Grey – At 6:30 pm on Friday 29th April, police pursued a car that was being dangerously driven along the B1040 towards St Ives, and stopped it on Weir Road. The two occupants were found to be in possession of a quantity of cannabis and drug-related equipment, and were arrested and charged with drugs offences.

Cambridge Road, Hemingford Abbots – At 1:45 pm on Saturday 30th April, a distraction theft was carried out by two unknown males at a golf equipment shop. One of the offenders distracted staff whilst the other stole items of golfing equipment, then both drove off in a silver people carrier.

Stepping Stones, Hemingford Grey – On Sunday 24th April, police received a report from an elderly resident that she had seen an intruder in her garden in the middle of the night the previous Thursday, and that her neighbour had had a similar experience the previous day. A PCSO visited and spoke to both residents, giving advice on security and explaining about the ‘Bobby Scheme’, the charity which gives support and advice to victims of burglary.

Information on the ‘Bobby Scheme’ is available of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary web-site here: https://www.cambs-police.co.uk/victims/bobby_scheme.asp or on their own web-site here: www.thebobbyscheme.org .

London Road, St Ives – On Sunday 24th April, police received a report from a resident who had found two unknown males in their late teens or early 20s, trespassing in a field where she kept her horses. When challenged they became abusive before leaving the location. One male was described as having dark hair and the other was ginger haired.

Tern Drive, St Ives – At 6:30 pm on Monday 2nd May, police received a report of a large yellow/brown dog found loose on the road here, maybe injured because it appeared to have blood on its fur. The out-of-hours dog warden was contacted who took the animal to Wood Green Rescue Centre. Later in the evening, police received another call, from residents in London Road, reporting a lost dog of a similar description. Hopefully these two calls both related to the same animal and it has now been reunited with its owners.

E-cops update Sat 09/04/16 – Thu 28/04/16 H31H Gransden & The Offords

During the above period there have been seven reported crimes deemed to effect the community of the H31H Gransden and The Offords ward.

Burglary (dwelling)
London Lane, Gt Paxton
Damage done to door seal in attempt to enter property.

Burglary (dwelling)
17/04/16 15:00 – 18/04/16 11:13hrs
High Street, Yelling
Property entered by smashing rear window. Untidy search. Jewellery and watches stolen.

Criminal Damage to a Vehicle
19/04/16 08:00 – 18:00hrs
Bramley Drive, Offord D’Arcy
Front n/s window smashed on grey 10-reg Fiat Punto. No access gained.

Distraction Burglary
19/04/16 14:30 – 15:10hrs
Mandene Gardens, Gt Gransden
Two white males have claimed to be from Water Board. Distracted to elderly females and stolen cash.

Burglary (dwelling)
20/04/16 08:15 – 17:10hrs
Park Way, Offord Cluny
Outer pane of double-glazed patio unit smashed believed to be in an attempt to enter property.No entry gained.

Theft from Motor Vehicle (x2)
26/04/16 20:00 – 27/04/16 06:30hrs
Vicarage Road, Waresley
Index plates removed from two vehicles whilst parked on street.

Between the 30/04/2016 and the 02/05/2016 unknown offenders have gained entry to a rear garden in Chieftain Way, Orchard Park and have stolen a secured (type of lock used not listed) Ammaco Dutch pedal cycle.

As always, if you have information relating to any offence, or are concerned about any suspicious activities, please contact police by using the ‘101’ telephone number. Alternatively, you can use ‘Crimestoppers’ to make a report anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or by using their on-line contact form. In an emergency, or if you witness a crime in progress, always use ‘999’.

PCSO’s Update

CRIMINAL DAMAGE (Station Road, Histon)
27/04/2016 18:30 – 28/04/2016 08:00
Offender/s have broken 4 panes of glass to old station building. Offence occurred between 1830hrs 27/04/2016 and 0800hrs on 28/04/2016, the location is a derelict train station.

Theft from Outbuilding (Chieftain Way, Orchard Park)27/04/2016 20:00 – 28/04/2016 12:00
Unknown offenders have forced entry to communal shed and stolen a bicycle/ Standard Ladies Bicycle Make:SUPREME

Theft (Dry Drayton Road, Oakington)
28/04/2016 15:00 – 29/04/2016 08:30
Unknown person/s have stolen a green and white Gazebo from an outbuilding on a farm.

Theft (St Audreys Close, Histon)
18/04/2016 18:00 – 29/04/2016 11:45
Victim had left some truck batteries beside car in his garden and unknown offender has taken these.

THEFT OF A MOTOR VEHICLE (Thornhill Place, Longstanton)
28/04/2016 21:30 – 29/04/2016 08:30
Unknown offender/s have taken a blue Jaguar X Type from outside the front of the owners property, parked under a street light on the road.

On: Vicarage Road, Waresley
Between: Tuesday 26/04/2016 at 20:00 hours and Wednesday 27/04/2016 at 05:30 hours
Unknown offender/s have stolen front and rear index plates from a Vauxhall vehicle.

30/04/2016 11:40 – 30/04/2016 11:40
Stanley Avenue, Orchard Park.
Victim has left his van outside of a property with the keys were in the ignition while delivering parcels, unknown offenders have then entered the vehicle and driven away. Vehicle has then later been found abandoned in car park close to the offence location.

30/04/2016 13:50 – 30/04/2016 13:50
Foundry Close, Cottenham.
Offenders have stolen a vehicle when the owner got out to make a phone call the driver saw the vehicle being driven away.

01/05/2016 00:25 – 01/05/2016 00:25
Orchard Park, CB4 2XR
Victim left her mobile phone in a taxi, as soon as she realised she called the company and they have checked with the driver who could not find it.

If you have any information which may assist with the investigation into these crimes please call 101, reply to this message or call crime stoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.



Message sent by
Kate Algate (NHWN, Operations Director, UK)

Please accept our apologies as we have been notified that one of the website links was incorrect in the Our News which we circulated yesterday.

The CCTV fee petition can be found here http://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/122236

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your continued support and commitment to Neighbourhood Watch.

NHW “Our News”

Message sent by
Kate Algate (NHWN, Operations Director, UK)

The Our News e-newsletter is out now and can be downloaded here

This edition contains:

  • A message from the chair regarding the Home Office Modern Crime Prevention Strategy
  • An article from the Co-op Insurance regarding new drivers
  • A petition regarding a new ruling regarding domestic CCTV
  • Results from the members Police and Crime Commissioners election survey
  • How being disabled increases your risk of being a victim of crime
  • Details of National Neighbourhood Watch Week.

Op Hunter

The first Histon ‘Op Hunter’ crime prevention event will be held in Papworth Everard on Tuesday June the 7th 2016 between 17:00-20:00hrs. Cambridgeshire Constabulary are encouraging NHW to get involved, we are giving residents the opportunity to meet their local policing team and receive security advice on how to protect their home. If you would like more info please contact me via email ().


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